The future of Saranac Lake

Unless you’ve been out of town, haven’t answered your phone, haven’t read this newspaper and haven’t checked your mail in the last few weeks, if you live in Saranac Lake, you probably already know that today is Election Day.

It’s also no secret that voter turnout is typically low during local election years, but make no mistake: This local election is one that voters will want to turn out for.

There’s not only a hotly-contested mayoral race in Saranac Lake, with three candidates vying for one seat — Jeremy Evans, Melinda Little and Jimmy Williams — there’s a contested trustee race, too. Two of four trustee seats are up for election and voters have three candidates to choose from — Kelly Brunette, Matt Scollin and Susan Waters.

Whoever is elected will have the power to shape the future of Saranac Lake. That sounds like an exaggeration, but local elected officials make decisions all the time that can gradually shift the trajectory of a community’s economy and quality of life. We will see the impact of their choices, or lack thereof, everywhere — on Broadway, Main Street, in our bank accounts, while walking or driving to work.

A Latin phrase comes to mind: Piscis primum a capite foetet, or a fish starts to stink from the head. We need to be able to trust those at the top, making the decisions, to be good leaders with our best interests at heart.

Lucky for Saranac Lake, all of the candidates have shown in one way or another that they have what it takes to lead. It’s time for voters to decide whose leadership style and vision they believe in the most.

Saranac Lakers can cast their ballots at the Harrietstown Town Hall today from noon to 9 p.m.

Lake Placid voters also have a choice to make today. On the ballot are two questions that will decide whether or not on-site consumption at licensed businesses and dispensaries are allowed in the village.

Polls are open at the North Elba Town Hall from noon to 9 p.m. today.


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