School’s out for a well-earned summer

On Thursday evening, Saranac Lake Central School District families got yet another robocall from Superintendent Diane Fox. “Wait for it,” she said. “I am not calling with an announcement that will send you reaching for an adult beverage or that stashed box of Girl Scout cookies.”

Unlike every other time, she was not calling to tell them they’d have to adjust to another pandemic-related change. Rather, she was calling on the eve of graduation to thank them for helping everyone get through a difficult 15 months (and to update them about new school start times this fall). She said it was OK to reach for that treat anyway, not to cope but to celebrate.

That set just the right tone. Tri-Lakes school leaders such as Fox have really done a tremendous job of guiding us through this, listening to loads of stressed-out people, balancing their desires with safety and communicating well. Our local school teachers and staff have been wonderful as well. Students have cooperated with wearing masks all this time, and families have adapted in all kinds of uncomfortable ways.

It’s been hard. Many students’ grades have slipped; many have plummetted. Some kids have taken a hit to their mental health, physical health, friendships or relations with their parents. But we close the year on a big upswing, and now everyone has more than two months off to get their energy back before starting the fall semester strong (barring a new wave of coronavirus, God forbid).

Thank you all. Have a wonderful summer.


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