Ice Palace inspiration

We are grateful for and encouraged by the efforts being made by Saranac Lake Winter Carnival volunteers to work around obstacles.

It was impressive to see how the Ice Palace Workers 101 were able to solidify a slush layer that developed on the palace’s cutting floor, Pontiac Bay, atop the ice but below the snow. Volunteers dragged a piece of chain-link fencing over the snow to flatten it, and then Alex Madden brought a pump and hose, cut a hole in the ice and pumped water on top of the ice, flooding it. It finally froze, solving what had been an annoying problem.

We all face annoying problems in our lives, but some of them can be solved with creative ideas, understanding the situation, hard work, persistence and teamwork.

Since the Ice Palace is one of the few parts of Winter Carnival we’ll have left, due to pandemic precautions, it will be extra-exciting to see it come together. Construction starts today, and the Enterprise will be there to cover it.


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