More of a ’60s Democrat

To the editor:

Something that a lot of conservative-Republicans say to me is that, in THEIR view, today’s Democrats PANDER TO and BOW TO all minority groups and sub-groups. They don’t think that the Democrats of the 1960s pandered as much as today’s do.

And they believe that they pander NOT because they genuinely care about these people. They think they pander to them because they want and need their votes to win. And they tell me that they believe someone like me probably cares more genuinely about these people than most of the pandering Democrats do. They believe that Democrats pander because they know that by 2042-2044, over 50% of the USA will be non-white and if they can get their votes they will always win the presidency and both houses of Congress.

This is what they all tell me. This is what Ann Coulter believes in. This is what Fox News host Tucker Carlson believes in. He says in one of his books that he has a grudging respect for the liberals of the 1960s (which is what I define myself as) but no respect for today’s Democrats. I have had this said to me by many conservative-Republicans.

But I am far from being the only Democrat who believes as I do about this.

As it is said, “The truth hurts.”

But no one in the world of politics is fooling me, including my fellow Democrats.


Stewart B. Epstein



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