Local news needed more than ever; help us provide it

The need for news is all the greater as coronavirus spreads throughout our state, nation and planet. And not just news of how it’s affecting the world, but how it’s affecting your home community.

Is that event you wanted to go to canceled, and if not, what do health officials recommend about attending public gatherings? Should you go to school or connect with your classes online — and until when? Are you allowed to visit your relative in the nursing home? How would it affect local businesses if tourists stop coming?

The more people stay home, the more they need local news delivered right to their doorstep, computer or phone. And that’s where local news services such as the Enterprise are essential.

Our professional news reporters and editors are working super-hard to round up all the local news — including, but by no means limited to coronavirus concerns — and then to write it in a clear, easy-to-read format, post it on our website and social media as soon as possible, and lay it out in the print edition.

But it’s not just us working on this. It’s you, too. We rely on readers to notify us about local news and updates. If you have news, about coronavirus or anything else, please don’t hesitate to send it our way: at news@adirondackdailyenterprise.com, 518-891-2600, or in person at 54 Broadway, Saranac Lake.

On Thursday we started compiling all coronavirus related closures into one list, which we are updating constantly. It’s on our website and on the calendar page of the newspaper. It’s a work in progress and probably doesn’t include everything, but you can help by sending updates to us.

Thank you for reading and supporting the Enterprise. This newspaper has an important role to play in community communications, and we’re working hard to play that role well and serve the common good.


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