On parade day, many thanks

The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival doesn’t happen by magic. It requires a massive amount of work — largely by volunteers, who do it to ensure all their neighbors have a wonderful time during this 10-day festival.

It also requires work by professionals, which is especially noticeable this year with the big dumping of snow that ended Friday. The Saranac Lake Village Department of Public Works normally spends the days before the Saturday parade clearing massive amounts of snow: not just plowing but also removing snowbanks from sidewalks with front-end loaders and dump trucks. This week, though, any clearing they might’ve done was nullified by Friday’s blizzard.

The DPW worked all day Friday and then was scheduled to come in at 2 a.m. today to finish the job. We are grateful for their dilligence.

The parade brings thousands of extra people to town, so it also requires extra policing. Police departments from around the region send officers here, just as they do to Lake Placid for the annual Ironman triathlon. Granted, there isn’t a ton of crime during Carnival, but with so many extra people, we are grateful for extra peace officers.

The Winter Carnival Committee deserves huge thanks for working all year-round to stage the celebration. The sponsors that donate money are also essential. Winter Carnival costs roughly $90,000 to put on, and the sale of buttons and posters only covers about $30,000 of that. When you see a business name on Carnival event, remember: That business is helping keep Carnival alive. Many local businesses also throw themselves into the Carnival in other ways, such as building parade floats and staff volunteerism.

Thanks to everyone who works to make Winter Carnival happen, and thanks to every person who embraces the festivities by radiating enthusiasm.

And now, parade day is here. Let the good times roll.


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