Thanksgiving thoughts

What are we thankful for this Thanksgiving? A few things spring to mind:

¯ We’re thankful to live here, in the Tri-Lakes communities of the Adirondacks, small towns filled with our kind of people and surrounded by natural beauty. There’s no place we’d rather be.

¯ We’re glad people here are not too timid to speak their minds. Our busy Opinion page is solid proof of that, even though it’s slowed down now since Election Day. It’s good to know where people stand.

¯ We’re grateful that people here are relatively good at respecting each other’s opinions when they disagree. We’re glad for the prevailing sense of “We have to live with these folks.” Sometimes we learn from people we thought we didn’t agree with; that’s often how we broaden our perspectives and become wiser.

¯ We’re grateful to live in a nation that, despite growing political discord, is still peaceful, prosperous and secure overall.

¯ We’re thankful for police officers, firefighters, highway workers, corrections officers and others who keep us safe. We’re also grateful to our neighbors for not stirring up too much trouble. People here generally respect each other, and when they do commit crimes, village and state police generally do a good job of sorting it out and restoring the peace. Many people still don’t lock their doors. We love that.

¯ We’re thankful for snow — yes, snow. Of course, shoveling driveways and driving through Cascade pass during a storm aren’t what we love about it, but the warmth of some recent winters reminded us that the Adirondacks aren’t the Adirondacks without snow. Skiing boosts our economy and keeps many of us fit, active and happy throughout the long winter.

¯ People in many rural communities have to travel long distances to see doctors, but Adirondack Health’s hospitals and other facilities right here, plus other clinicians. Plus, Adirondack Health is changing to keep up with the times. We are fortunate.

¯ We’re thankful for every worker who makes the extra effort to do it right, and we hope bosses and customers appreciate it, too. These days, with employers desperate to hire, there is extra reason to cherish those who stay on and continue to do fine service. Today, we especially think of those who must labor on Thanksgiving Day.

¯ We’re grateful to have numerous entrepreneurs in our area, especially those who make an extra effort for excellence. On a personal note, we especially appreciate those who advertise with us. Thank you for seeing our readers as your potential customers, and for offering them your services. Readers, we hope you appreciate this effort, that you see these pages as a local marketplace, and that you patronize those who have made this investment to get your attention.

¯ Finally, we’re thankful for you, readers. The fact that you continue to support our business, letting us keep doing our jobs without any major reduction of service, means you get what a local newspaper should be — the network of a community, full of news, stories, amusements, information, an advertising marketplace of service offers, and a forum for readers to share their thoughts and experiences. We love that you appreciate this, that you see it as valuable and that you’re willing pay a modest fee for it. We treasure that, and we thank you deeply. You have kept the Enterprise going for 125 years, and we look forward to another 125.


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