Mountains & Valleys

MOUNTAIN — to the 17 remaining graduates of the Saranac Lake High School Class of 1949 celebrating their 70th anniversary with a reunion here in late September. That must have been so much fun, to meet again after all those years. Way to keep it going.

MOUNTAIN — to Lake Placid resident and Saranac Lake High School English teacher Kelsey Francis, for having her essays published in national newspapers such as the New York Times and Washington Post. She is an excellent writer, and it’s exciting to see a local byline in something as huge as the Sunday Times. There’s a lot of talent here.

VALLEY — to Instagram photos such as a recent one that showed a barefoot bride and a backpack-toting groom hiking on an Adirondack mountain. Unprepared visitors get in trouble and have to be rescued every week while hiking Adirondack mountains, and it is often the case that they paid more attention to social media glamor shots such as this instead of reading responsible hiking guide books and websites. It is irresponsible to present mountain hiking in such a flippant way, as if it’s no problem to do it barefoot in a wedding dress as a style choice.

VALLEY — It’s time for New York taxpayers to stop having to pay for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “Adirondack Challenge” type events, in which state workers are brought up to the Adirondacks to be tourists for a day. It’s been done in summer, in winter and now in fall, at last weekend’s inaugural Oktoberfest. We don’t know how much tax money is spent on catering, tourist activities, transportation and more, but it is obviously not cheap. Taxes are enormously high in this state, and yet no one seems to think twice about lavishing high-end perks on government workers who already receive fairly generous pay and benefits. Enough already.

MOUNTAIN — While we are disappointed that Lake Placid’s justice is resigning midway through his term, we are glad the village board is taking the opportunity to once again consider dissolving village court. It is not necessary, and losing it would save a little bit of money.


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