ADE 125th section available at our office

This is the first of 32 pages of a special section celebrating 125 years of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Yesterday’s print edition landed with a nice heavy thud — a whole lot of reading material for for a mere buck. In addition to a newspaper packed with news, and the Weekender arts/entertainment guide, AND the Lake Placid Placid Film Festival preview guidebook, there was a special section celebrating 125 years of the Enterprise.

This special publication is hefty: 32 broadsheet pages long, broken into two 16-page sections. And it’s loaded with stories about publishers, pressmen, editors, photographers, reporters, missing archives, old front pages, staff photos old and new, Olympics and other sports, columnists and other characters — and most importantly, readers.

For our subscribers who read the digital replica edition through the All Access site, the 125th section is published with today’s paper. It was supposed to be with yesterday’s but was delayed due to a scheduling error.

We are not posting these articles on our website for free access. We think it’a worth your dollar bill.

In case you didn’t get a print copy yesterday, or in case you want more, we have extras here at the office. Just call us at 518-891-2600, or stop by our office at 54 Broadway, Saranac Lake, and our staff will happily sell you Thursday’s paper, anniversary section and all.

This paper’s actual birthday isn’t until Feb. 21, 2020, marking 125 years since the first issue of the Adirondack Enterprise was published here in Saranac Lake — then a weekly paper owned by Carl Smith and Charles Lansing. We’ll do something then, too. But we had already scheduled this special section earlier this year when we thought the Enterprise had been launched in 1894 — long story — so we stuck with that for the anniversary section. After all, it is the paper’s 125th year.

Our staff spent many weeks working on it, and we think it’s worth your time, too. Set it on your coffee table or somewhere else at arm’s length, and read it bit by bit over the next while.

Last, and most importantly — thank you for reading this paper. Thank you for supporting local journalism and keeping the Adirondacks from being a news desert — especially since there’s so much news to cover here. Thank you, local businesses, for advertising. Thank you to all our loyal subscribers. Thank you to all those who engage with the community by taking out classified ads and writing letters to the editor. Thank you to everyone who has worked here over the last 12-and-a-half decades. All of you, and generations before you, have kept this newspaper going for 125 years — and it’s not going anywhere.

If you are not a subscriber or advertiser, please become one. Call us at 518-891-2600, and we’ll set you up.