Share why you value the Enterprise

This is the Enterprise’s 125th year of serving the local community, and its 93rd as a daily. How has a small cluster of villages and hamlets, the largest of which is home to just 5,200 people (that would be Saranac Lake, according to last year’s U.S. Census Bureau estimate), support a DAILY newspaper for so long? Why are we still in business, still busy and thriving, after all that time?

The answer, as we are very well aware, has a lot more to do with you than it does with us.

We live in very engaged communities — more so than most, we believe. People here care about what’s going on around them, so much so that continue to see the value in paying to support a professional news service. And they keep using the Enterprise as a forum to speak to the community through letters to the editor, Guest Commentary essays and Facebook comments.

Businesses see the value in using the Enterprise to spread the word about their products and services, because it works. And even with all the options available on social media and the internet, people continue to use our classified advertising, partly for the same reasons they always did and partly because our ads reach more people online, with algorithms for job recruitment and digital mapping of garage sales. We’ve transformed over the past 125 years to reach a larger audience in print and online than other media in the Adirondack Park.

Plus, publishers of other newspapers know that our experienced press and production crew does a great job printing area newspapers and other periodicals.

That’s why the Enterprise is still going strong: because so many people think it’s worth a little bit of their hard-earned money — less than the cost of a cup of coffee — to be informed. Plus, the money savings advertised in Enterprise inserts more than pay for a subscription.

For 125 years, and still today, people here have wanted and appreciated a good newspaper, in print and online. So we bust our tails, in collaboration with the community, to offer up the best one we can every day, six days a week.

Now we’re putting together a special section about the Enterprise’s role in the Tri-Lakes over the last 125 years, and we can’t tell that story without your contributions.

We’re asking each of you to write a short paragraph about the Enterprise’s role in the community — kind of like a mini letter to the editor. We will publish these in the 125th anniversary section.

Be specific; this isn’t about saying “happy birthday” or other nice wishes, but about telling your neighbors who may not get the Enterprise what they’re missing.

Email is easiest for us — send them to Managing Editor Peter Crowley at “mailto:pcrowley@adirondackdailyenterprise.com”>pcrowley@adirondackdailyenterprise.com, with “Enterprise 125″ in the subject line — but you can also submit hard copies in person at our office (54 Broadway, Saranac Lake) or by mail (P.O. Box 318, Saranac Lake, NY 12983).

This is weird for us; we’re not sure we’ve ever solicited comments about the paper itself before. But we also think it’s important to get the voices of our readers into this special section, and this seemed like a good way.

Around North America, many communities’ local news engines are not as robust as they once were, but here in the Tri-Lakes, we’re hanging in there. That’s not because of anything we’re doing; you’re the ones who keep supporting it. So our question to you is, why?