Bring back Lake Placid neighborhoods

Whether it’s a moratorium on new short-term vacation rentals in residental zones, a flat-out ban on these types of uses in residential zones, a restriction to only let full-time residents have short-term rentals in residential zones — or another solution that may work — the village of Lake Placid and town of North Elba need to do something to bring back their once-thriving neighborhoods.

As the town and village boards figure out what to do with their proposed short-term vacation rental law, we urge them to keep their eye on what makes this community great — its people.

Put aside the interests of non-residents or part-time residents turning residences into commercial properties. Put aside the argument that we need these rooms for the tourism industry.

We need these homes for full-time residents.

You know, the people who fill local jobs and keep our town’s economy going. The people who send children to our local schools. The people who volunteer for special events and civic organizations. The people who give back to the community on a daily basis.

Without thriving neighborhoods, we have no community, and we are headed in that direction if no action is taken. To be clear, we need bold and decisive action from our elected officials. We are at a tipping point. What the town and village do with their short-term vacation rental law will determine the future of this community.

To the town and village board members, what is your vision for Lake Placid? We hope it’s a Lake Placid with thriving neighborhoods. It’s not too late.