Not comfortable with driver’s license bill

We are disappointed the state Legislature passed the “Green Light” bill, letting people in the U.S. illegally get driver’s licenses.

What needs to happen is for Congress to reform our immigration mess to give these people pathways to legal residency. What our state is doing instead is papering over their precarious legal status, making them “documented” instead of “undocumented.” That doesn’t change the unjust fact that they can be deported at any time for the “crime” of being part of a flood of people who want to work and live in this country because it’s better than their own.

It also comes at a time when New York is implementing “motor voter” registration, automatically registering people to vote when they get or renew their driver licenses. That’s a good thing in general, since too few citizens have gone to the trouble of registering to vote, but the combination of all this gives Department of Motor Vehicles clerks the added responsibilities of the Board of Elections and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. At a time when Russia — and perhaps others soon — is working hard to hack our elections, this sets up a situation too precarious for our comfort.

So far, the claims of voter fraud we have heard seem widely exaggerated. But this could make it more of a thing.

We suppose we’ll just have to find out, though, since Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to sign this bill into law. State Attorney General Letitia James said she thinks things will be fine, but we suspect that is more a political opinion than a legal one.


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