Trump keeps insulting McCain, after death

Some Americans, including members of Congress, are happy about the success of President Donald Trump’s policies, even as they wish fervently he would learn, well, to keep his mouth shut on certain topics.

The late Sen. John McCain, of Arizona, is one of those subjects.

McCain was, like Trump, a Republican. But the two clashed politically and very publicly. The senator refused to support a health-care initiative favored by the president. And, Trump said this week, McCain leaked a document intended to harm Trump in his 2016 bid for the White House.

That claim is unverified. Parties in a lawsuit claimed a BuzzFeed reporter got the Steele dossier from an associate of McCain, David Kramer, but they dispute how, according to court documents reported on by the Daily Caller: BuzzFeed says Kramer shared the document willingly, but Kramer says the reporter took photos of it when he wasn’t looking.

Nevertheless, it was clear for some time that Trump and McCain disliked each other intensely — and that Trump has a long history of taking cheap shots at the senator. Infamously, Trump mocked McCain for the years he spent as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Trump, who after multiple deferment requests managed to avoid serving in Vietnam due to bone spurs, said that because McCain got caught, he wasn’t a hero — a terrible insult to all those who put themselves at risk for their country.

McCain died last summer. But the president seems unable to let go of his enmity. He unleashed it against McCain a few days ago, during a speech in Ohio — and, of course, through some tweets.

Trump has been criticized widely for those actions. Even some fellow Republicans in Congress have said they wish he would stop dredging up his differences with McCain.

He should, for one reason: Whatever his actions in Washington, McCain was a genuine American hero. If you do not understand the depth of his courage, compassion, sacrifice and patriotism, perhaps you should look at a biography of him.

McCain deserves to be remembered for that.