Huge deer starvation

The Enterprise, April 14, 1939

A scene of Main Street in Saranac Lake during a parade in 1939. (Photo courtesy of the Adirondack Room of the Saranac Lake Free Library)

Maybe climate change in the Adirondacks can best be tested by the time the ice goes out of the lakes. The Conservation Department, reporting on the deer starving, claimed 1939 was, “the most severe winter in several years.” But in any year, “The Ice Guessing Contest” was a fun event. Look around today and let me know how many lakes are still frozen.

Ed LaBounty was a popular guy around town back in his day … he was still around when I was an Enterprise newsboy and I would see him occasionally on Woodruff Street where he, earlier in the century, operated a horse rental and livery business.

Just hang on, I’ll get to the deer story in a minute.

“Ed LaBounty has ‘went and done it.’

“From his estate overlooking the Saranac River, the good Squire, attired in his blazing red shirt and hip boots, today named May 7 as the date all ice will have disappeared from Lower Saranac Lake.

Kollecker's storefront is seen here on Main Street in Saranac Lake in 1939. (Photo courtesy of the Adirondack Room of the Saranac Lake Free Library)

“In doing so he broke all precedents as he has been barred from membership in the Lower Saranac Lake Ice Guessing Association and consequently refrained from entering the annual competition.

“Yesterday, members of the Association named the dates as follows: Jack Buehler – May 1; Jim White – May 3 and Joe Walsh – May 5.

“The matter now rests in the laps of the Gods.”

Probably thousands of deer starved

“Albany, April 14 — Hundreds and in all probability thousands of deer in the Adirondack region have been victims of starvation during the winter just ended, the conservation department announced today.

“Reports reaching the department from many sections of the Adirondacks indicate that the past winter, the most severe in many, many years, has a serious effect on the deer herd. No recent winter has taken such a large toll despite constant efforts on the part of the conservation department to alleviate starvation among the deer herd. More than a thousand deer cakes were distributed by the department’s game protectors and individuals in the areas where they were needed most.”

Call of the tame

“Denver — Security had more appeal than liberty to one Denver deer.

“The animal was one of 20 released in the mountains to reduce the number of deer in the zoo herd. Somehow it found its way through miles of streets back to the zoo — at meal time.”

Gladd news

“Monroe Gladd, prominent Saranac lake businessman, was elected secretary of the Ford Dealers Association of the Green Island district at a recent meeting in Albany. There are approximately 140 distributors in the Association.

“Mr. Gladd, with his brothers, Richard and Lee Gladd are the largest distributors of Fords, Lincoln Zephyrs and Mercurys in Northern New York.” Their dealership is located on the Lake Colby Road. [Today, that is Just south of Tim Moody’s estate.]

Rooms for rent

“Desirable Room, Third Floor — All conveniences – $3.50 a week. Also large room with 2 adjoining porches for 2 people. Board if desired. Phone 186-W.”


“99 Riverside Drive — Room with bath, partly furnished – $18.00 month – Sam Wolferman, 59 Broadway.”


“3 Room Unfurnished Apartment — $8.00 per month. Inquire 44 Dorsey Street.”

Not gossip columns

The Enterprise carried “news” from the hamlets of the Comings and Goings (that was the title of a similar Saranac Lake column) of the residents. Women who resided in those communities were paid by the inch and those were some of the most read items in the newspaper. Can you just imagine if my pal, Aaron Marbone, the present Ace Reporter for The Enterprise, was paid by the inch? He would be a rich man today.

Gabriels news

“Mrs. Walter Martin spent a few days recently visiting friends in Saranac Lake.

“Frank Hobart was a recent business caller in Saranac Lake.

“Mr. and Mrs. William Otis and two children, Kenneth and Philip spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Otis’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Swinyer of Vermontville.

“Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Benware and Tom Wood motored to Malone on business last Wednesday.

“Mrs. Doris Cushman has returned to Ithaca where she has employment.

“Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stern and little daughter, Julia, visited Ms. Stern’s sister in Santa Clara Easter Sunday.

“Miss Mabel Leavitt who teaches school in Long Island, and her brother Charles Leavitt arrived last week to spend the Easter vacation at their home here.

“Mrs. Bessie Ryan and Mrs. Larry Norman of Saranac Lake called on Mrs. Norman’s parents,

“Mr. and Mrs. William Quirk of Rainbow Lake on Sunday. Mr. Quirk has been ill for several weeks.

“Mr. and Mrs. George Carr and family called on Mr. Carr’s sister, Mrs. John O’Malley and Mr. O’Malley on the Bloomingdale/Vermontville Road Sunday afternoon.

“Mr. and Mrs. Louis Redwood are spending an indefinite time with Mrs. Redwood’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lester.”

Bloomingdale news

“Mr. and Mrs. William Arquitt and children, Paul and Joan of Carthage, spent the weekend at the home of Mrs. Arquitt’s sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Brown.

“Mrs. John Petterson and son, Robert, are spending the Easter holidays at the home of her niece, Mrs. Aosta Strum of Brooklyn.

“Paul Parsons is visiting his sister, Mrs. Pearl Pardeau, at New York City.

“James Mannix of Peru called recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Sprague.

“Mrs. Lee W. Gillespie returned home Monday from two weeks visit at the home of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walsh of Weehawken, N.J., and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. Bunch of Richfield Park, N.J., and her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whitman of Allwood Clifton, N.J., also Dr. and Mrs. William Meyers of Union City, N.J.

“Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pelkey entertained at a dinner party on Sunday evening. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ned Putnam, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Trombley, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eldrett and Bobbie Eldrett and Misses Betty and Shirley Lunam of Trout River, Quebec.

(Gee, I’m surprised that Sandy Hayes wasn’t invited!)

“Frank LaFountain of Quebec City, Canada was an overnight guest of his brother, Leo LaFountain on Saturday.”


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