Trouble at the St. Regis corner

(The Enterprise, July 13, 1966)

Former site of the Hotel St. Regis

I am going to back into this story. The Sr. Regis Hotel which stood at the corner of Broadway and Bloomingdale Avenue burned down in 1964. Growing up here in the 1940’s, the Hotel St. Regis was a hub of activity as the bus stop for Trailways and Greyhound with multiple runs every day. The bar was made famous when it was visited by heavyweight boxing Champ Jack Dempsey etc…

So in April, 2002 when President Bush visited the area, I was working as Village Manager.

When the President was leaving to return to Washington, the police were keeping me informed as to his route through the village.

For whatever reason his small motorcade came down Pine Street and up Bloomingdale Avenue on his way to the airport. I called the staff together at the village office and said you can all go up to the St. Regis corner and watch the President drive through and I’ll stay and watch the store.

All the young people on the staff just stared at me for a moment and didn’t say anything. So, I ask, “don’t you want to see the President?” One on the “youngsters” asked, “Where is the St. Regis Corner?”

So much for being here since 1930.

Rocks and sign cause the tiff

“One of those strange local stories that so often spring up in big cities and small towns seem to have developed in connection with the property on the corner of Broadway and Bloomingdale Avenue.

“The property is owned by Gill Jones, well known bobsledder and owner of the Sara-Placid Drive-in Theater.

“It seems that Gordon Stoops of Gabriels, member of the Saranac Lake Rotary Club, had the idea two years ago to make the property useful and more attractive for the village, until which time it was sold or put to other use.

“Mr. Stoops got verbal permission to work on the project. Some trees were out up but they rotted. So the place was landscaped as it now is. Since there wasn’t enough money in the Rotary treasury for a good fence, Stoops had the idea to use the boulders that are now in place.

“At this point in time, Mr. Jones decided to put up a sign advertising his theater. Patrolman Neil Rogers served notice on Jones last Monday to remove the sign as a violation of the village ordinance on signs and also because no permission was asked to put up the sign.

“Jones has until next Monday to comply.

“But then Jones demanded that the Rotary Club remove the boulders for which he had granted no specific permission. The Rotary Club under the new president, John Delahant, Jr., met briefly yesterday and decided to meet again Monday with counsel to decide what to do.

“So Monday will be C-Day on this great issue. Mr. Jones will or will not comply with the village ordinance, and the Rotary Club will or will not comply with the Jones request that the boulders be removed.”

Oldfield elected to Tupper Board

“Lee C. Oldfield was elected as a member of the Tupper Lake School Board on the second ballot last night as what was rated to be the largest turnout of voters at a school election. More than 500 persons voted on the first ballot with 314 voting on the second ballot.

“All three propositions were approved by the voters. The record school budget of over $1 million received 292 yes and 61 no; the proposition to transport children to St. Pius in Saranac Lake was 198 yes and 160 no; and the library budget was 287 yes and 58 no.

“None of the four candidates received a majority of the voters on the first ballot. Christian Berniger received 60; Zigmund Fraczek 100; Darwin Gensel 100 and Lee Oldfield 243. In order to win the on first ballot a candidate had to receive 252 votes.

“Joseph Donovan, retiring Superintendent of Schools was chosen permanent chairman of the annual meeting. Inspectors of election appointed by the chair were Camile Lanthier, Don Camelo, Ray Tarbox, Creighton Fee and Roy Colburn. Mrs. Leon Leroux was poll clerk and Mrs. Barbara McFadyen and Mrs. Jeanette Gaulet, watchers.

“John Stock was nominated to succeed himself as a member of the library board by John Black and seconded by Mr. Oldfield.

“Adam R. Palmer asked the voters present to give Mr. Donovan a standing ovation in appreciation of the tremendous job he has done over the past years as Superintendent.”


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