A really big bear killed near Tupper

The lead, page one story in The Journal dated Oct. 22, 1970 was telling about a 700 pound bear shot near Tupper Lake.

“The recent shooting of one of the largest black bears ever recorded in the Adirondacks might have gone without notice if Saranac Lake alert taxidermist, Jack Taylor, had not been given the task of preparing the hide for mounting.

“James Donner of Lockport shot the bear on October 3 in The Horseshoe Pond area near Tupper Lake. The bear dressed out with the forequarters and head left intact when the wild life artisan received the carcass.

“This portion of the bear alone weighed 350 pounds. The live weight was computed at 700 pounds or more by conservative estimates.

“Jack, who is an official tabulator for the Boone and Crockett sports organization knew immediately that the bear was well within the qualifying limits for national recognition and perhaps even worthy of special trophy honors.

“A 60 day waiting period between the date of the kill and actual measurement of the skull is mandatory to allow for shrinkage.”

[This story is for my pal, Jack Fogarty, a dyed-in-the-wool-hunter, a disappearing breed in the Adirondacks.]

World University Games

“The temporary commission of the organization of the World University Games, recently appointed by Governor Rockefeller met in Lake Placid on Saturday, October 17, at the Olympic Arena, Assemblyman Willis H. Stephens of Brewster, New York was elected chairman, Ernest P. Rangazas, representing the State University College at Plattsburgh, will be vice-chairman. Appointed to serve as executive secretary to the Commission was Rev. J. Bernard Fell of Berlin, New York and Lake Placid. Norman H. Hess, attorney, was named chairman of the budget committee.”

LP village goes to court

“The Lake Placid Village Board will begin legal action to obtain an easement for a water line outside the village.

“At their regular meeting Monday night the five-man board voted to instruct their attorney, Norm Hess, to go to court to obtain an order allowing the village access to about 100 feet of property owned by Timberdoodle Company for the purpose of laying a main water line.

“The line is deemed by the board necessary to serve the community through the new pumping station being constructed and Timberdoodle has asked for a $5,000 easement assessment or permission to re-locate Lake Street adjacent to Holiday Harbor at some time in the future.

“On the recommendation of the Village Planning Board the village fathers granted Robert Wikoff of Mountain Paper Company permission to erect a warehouse on Averyville Road next to his present warehouse.

“They further approved the hiring of two men, Larry Barney of Lake Placid and Peter Kunath of Saranac Lake as probationary policemen replacing Dick Smith, who went into the armed services and Ken Foster who resigned.”

Bob Allen heads New York State Amateur Hockey Association

“At a meeting held in Syracuse on September 27, Bob Allen was re-elected President of the N.Y.S. Amateur Hockey Association.

“Bob has served as President for the last 11 years and since that time team participation has grown from 60 to 511 teams in New York State.

“Those attending the meeting in addition to Allen were Jack Barry, John St. Louis, Guy Wescott, Bill Beaney and Al Glass. Through the efforts of these gentlemen Lake Placid was awarded the N.Y.S. Bantam Tourney to be held March 19, 20 and 21. It was decided that the Romeo Proulx Midget Tourney would be held March 26, 27 and 28 in Lake Placid.

“In other hockey news Mr. Wescott and Mr. Barry attended the Northern N.Y.S. Sectional Meeting held October 18th in Brasher Falls. Through the efforts of Guy and Jack, Lake Placid was awarded the Pee Wee and Bantam A Sectional to be held March 5, 6, and 7. Also the Pee Wee B Northern N.Y.S. Sectional Tourney for February 26, 27 and 28 with 14 teams participating.”


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