Bobsled races — wait, there’s more!

(Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Feb. 13, 1959)

I love finding old copies of the Enterprise, not only for the local stories filled with local names, but the advertisements which also tell us so much about the past.

The ads were big and detailed. The movie playing at the Pontiac Theater featured Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (actually his wife) entitled “Rally Round the Flag Boys” and reading the tag line today, describing the movie, one might think it was on the fringe of viewer discretion advised: “The raucous, hilarious best-seller about sex, guided missiles and misguided misses, with some of the most wonderful love-making and most delightful love scenes ever put on film.”

There was a ad for Everett’s Men’s store, gosh, what a great place that was, at 45 Broadway; next door at 43 Broadway, a huge ad for Patnode Brothers Sylvania Televisions — “Special Carnival Offer – $229.95 (with trade) and detailed cabinetry.” The Saranac Lake Hardware — no address, just “opposite the town hall” — today Compass Printing.

So, as if I don’t have enough to do — my pals Tim Reilly and John Muldowney want a story on the buildings that have burned down over the years in Saranac Lake. That will take a while. But I have to look up to these two youngsters, so I’ll try to get to it sometime soon.

Bobsled races at Mt. Van Hoevenberg

“In a Novice race held at the Mt. Van Hoevenberg Bobrun yesterday afternoon, Paul King, Ralph Weir, James Watson and Ted Wood sped to a total 2-heat time of 1:20.30 for first place.

“‘Dew Drop’ Morgan ran a close second to King with a 1:20.57. Riding with Morgan was Gordie Rascoe, Francis D’Aoust and Walt Stahl.

“Joe McKillip was edged out by Morgan. McKillip with Bob McGonegal, Larry McKillip and Jack Shene totaled 1:20.84 for his two heats.

“King is a member of the Adirondack Bobsled Club and Morgan and McKillip slide for the Saranac Lake Red Devils. There were seven sleds in the 4-man race.

“In the two-man races Charles Kempf and Bob Mousseau won with a time of 1:21.60 for two heats. They are with the AuSable Bobsled Club.

“Gilles Miron and Jim Mose were right on the tail of Kemp’s sled. The two Saranac Lake bobsledders made their heats in 1:21.88.

“Ted Wood and George Nesbitt placed third with a total time of 1:22.38.

“There were 12 sleds entered in the two-man race.”

The president and the queen

Wow! This would be such a big story today, and one would think back in the ’50s an even bigger story when the president of the United States was coming to a city not much more than a couple of hours from Saranac Lake … the beloved Ike and Mamie Eisenhower coming to Montreal!? Now I know it was not going to happen for another three months but buried on page three — Geeze, who was editor of the Enterprise back then? Oops! Hope it wasn’t me, or foot-in-mouth-disease might get me again.

“Washington (AP) — President and Mrs. Eisenhower will join Queen Elizabeth in Canadian ceremonies opening the St. Lawrence Seaway.

“The White House said Wednesday night the Eisenhower’s will fly to Montreal June 26 for the ceremonies near there at St. Lambert’s Lock.”

Back then taking the kids for a Sunday outing, visiting the Seaway, and watching the big ships come through the locks was a fun thing to do.

Lake Placid is jumping again

“Lake Placid’s Junior Ski Jumpers are heavy favorites to sweep the New York State Junior Ski Jumping meet scheduled for Lake Placid tomorrow [Saturday, Feb. 14, 1959]. The competition will be held on the high school 15 and 30 meter jumps. These twin facilities were built for training purposes for Olympic competitors in the 1932 Olympic Winter Games.

“This is the first time that the N.Y. State Junior meet has been held on a major hill. Class A competitions will be held on the big 30-meter jump, and all other classes will be held on the 15-meter hill.

“The Lake Placid Junior Jumper program now in its third year under John Viscome and Paul Colby, will present a star-studded field of outstanding jumpers.

“They will meet a formidable field of Eastern representatives including the Odin Ski Club of Lake Telemark, N.J.; the Bear Mountain Ski Club, the Salisbury Outing Club of Connecticut, Brattleboro Outing Club of Vermont and the Polar Bear Club of Old Forge. Also represented will be Saranac Lake, Northwood School and Hatertown.

“However, the red-clad local jumpers should dominate the field as they did at last year’s championship at Bear Mountain where they won everything except the parking lot.

“Competing in three classes last year, the locals placed 1-2-3 in Class A, with John Fagan winner, Jim Page second and Chris Rounds third.

“The Class C championship was won by Eric Hess of Lake Placid. Third and fourth place in Class C was captured by Jimmy Stearns and Art Tokle, Jr., son of the famed Olympic ski Jumper.”

“A field of 90 jumpers is scheduled to compete in this Eastern area tournament.”

Scouts honor

This story is for another pal of mine … Mike Martin, with a big family, has been very active in the Boy Scouts. He is Jack-of-All-Trades and Master-of-All; believe me, he could do brain surgery with a screwdriver.

“Word was received by William E. Petty of Saranac Lake, President of the Adirondack Council, Boy Scouts of America that the organization had close to five million Scouts and leaders on its rolls last December 31, according to a report from Dr. Arthur A. Schuck, Chief Executive Scout.

“Dr. Schuck said that 1958 closed with 4,950,885 boys and adult leaders enrolled, an all-time high in membership. He said this represented a gain of 199,390 members in 1958.

“Cub Scouts, a program for boys eight, nine and ten years of age, number 1,814,504.”

I proudly served as a Boy Scout when there were three troops in Saranac Lake. Sam Kelly was our Scout Master.


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