Tribute to Kathleen Bigrow

The vehicles in this photo look to be mostly 1940s, although the second vehicle carrying the firemen is a 1938 Ford and the Ford pick-up behind that is a 1940. The police car parked under the Ginsberg store sign looks like a 1942 Dodge. Boy, didn’t all of the Main Streets in our home towns look great back then? No big box stores to push out the local merchants and “The Junction” was a small town on its own back then.

It was my good fortune to work with Kathleen Bigrow (1920-2014) for many years when she was the Enterprise’s Tupper Lake columnist and photographer.

Then, to my surprise, my nephew and niece Rosie and Tim Littlefield and their offspring, Max, Eli and Shannon — soon to be married to Tim Swierad — presented me with this beautiful picture book. The book was until then unknown to me, of Kathleen’s photos over 50 years edited by Jim Lanthier, Ed Donnelly and Rena Sellin.

The book is available at Tupper Arts on Main Street and the photos would be interesting to anyone, even if you have never been to Tupper Lake; the now vintage automobiles, the store fronts, the kids, the railroad and even the New York State troopers at a “Roadblock Manhunt in August, 1973.”

Then the last photo in the book is a picture of a young lady taking a picture of a sign that reads, “Stop and Take A Picture.”

Now I betcha the producers of the popular television series “Schitt’s Creek” found that idea in this book, because there is a scene in the series that shows the rough hewn mayor showing off a sign, which urges visitors to stop and take a picture.

The Enterprise, 1967

By Kathleen Bigrow

“Mercy General Hospital admissions over the past weekend were: Florence Griffin, Wilbur Biggs, Helen Miller, all of Newcomb; Mildred Arnold of 4 Deer Street, Phyliss Dumoulin of 336 Park Street, Carol Burke, Lillian Forkey, Mother Charles of Holy Ghost Academy and Candace Weaver, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weaver of Prospect Street.

“Among the Tupper Lake Retailers who attended the dinner meeting Sunday night at Mason’s Restaurant [then at 337 Park Street] were Fred Futterman, Ambrose Marquis and Mrs. Marquis; Gabe Salamy and Mrs. Salamy; Robert Richer and Mrs. Richer; Roland Richer and Mrs. Richer; Mrs. James McCarthy, Miss Muriel Ginsburg and Elzear Madore. Also present were many of the stores’ employees. A delicious roast beef dinner was served by Mason’s Restaurant.

“Tupper Lake Cub Scouts who participated in the Winter Sports Day at Scott’s Cobble in Lake Placid over the weekend were: Randy LaMare, John Root, Charles Pryor, Dave Premo, Ricky Whitman, Roy Whitman, Mike Clark, John Sutliffe, Lyndon Fuller, Robert Frenette, Mike Frenette, Rene Desmarais, Robert Trombley, Byron Nadeau, Wayne Nadeau, Shane Lamell, Scott LaLonde, Steve Ziolkowski, and Phillip Perry.

“The pack is sponsored by Benjamin Churco Post 220, American Legion Post of Tupper Lake. The boys were accompanied by Den Mothers, Theresa LaMare, Barbara McFadyen and Beatrice Whitman and Cub Scout Master, Richard Whitman.”


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