I am still in January 1925

You know what Else?

Maybe ‘fascinated’ is not the correct word for what I feel when reading these old newspapers… maybe nostalgia or maybe I just love old newspapers and magazines. I have a collection of Life magazines from the 1940’s — price 10c.

This copy of The Enterprise from 95 years ago, for instance, quoting the Saranac Lake Chief of Police Frank E. Sheldon about the weather on the day of the parade of the first Winter Carnival in 1898. For me it was like talking to him.

I think it is so sad that newspapers are disappearing at an alarming rate. Will there be any method for one to describe 95 years from now what was happening here in 2020? Will anyone care? Will someone still have a video on their cell phone, a snippet of some television story or perhaps a search of computer archives to tell the story? I doubt it.

Following are some every day stories that made the news in Saranac Lake 95 years ago. Here is one that made the front page.

ST. LUKE’S 47th

Advertisement from a 1925 Enterprise


(Now it’s St. Luke’s 142nd Anniversary)

“With distinguished churchmen as guests of the occasion, members of the parish of St. Luke’s Protestant Episcopal church celebrated at the annual dinner on Wednesday evening the 47th anniversary of the founding of the church.

“Archdeacon D. Charles White, of Ogdensburg; Rev. George A. Perry, general missionary; and Rev. George Bambach, rector of St. George’s Church, Schenectady were guests and responded with interesting addresses.

“There were eight large tables, tastefully decorated with flowers, and a number of lighted candles on each table added to the beauty of the setting. In all, 175 partook of the dinner, which was an excellent one.

“Rev. Elmer P. Miller, the rector of St. Luke’s, was master of ceremonies, and at the conclusion of the repast, Livingston Chapman led the diners in singing numerous appropriate songs. Mr. Livingston also sang two solos in his best form. Piano music was furnished by Miss Carolyn Manning and Mrs. T. J. Stickney.

“Eddy Whitby gave a splendid talk — interspersed with original humor — on the proposed organization of a Men’s Club of St. Luke’s, of which committee he is chairman.

“F. Ferris Hewitt, in a short talk spoke of the need of attracting young people to church.”



ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Jan. 30 (United Press) — Speed records are being shattered along the frozen mail trails today as men and dogs mushed their hearts out to save the lives in diphtheria ravaged Nome.

Three hundred thousand units of anti-toxin packed in special bundles and lashed to dog sledges are being carried by the fastest teams in the snow country, day and night, while the mercury hangs at 50 below zero.”



“Social Gathering at Tupper Lake Most Unusual Affair”

“More than 200 members of the Masons and Knights of Columbus at Tupper Lake gathered at a social evening affair given by the Masonic Lodge to the members of the local Council of the Knights.

“There was an entertainment and luncheon and a special program of music. During the evening the Masons presented the Knights with a fine quality twenty foot flag for their new home.

“Among the clergy present were Rev. W.V.K. Felkins, rector of Trinity Church, Arlington, New Jersey; Rev. Albert Gale, rector of Trinity Church, Plattsburgh; Rev. D. C. White, rector of St. John’s Church, Ogdensburg; Rev. Percy R. Deacon, rector of St. Peter’s Church at Brushton; Rev. George P. Woods, rector of St. Mark’s church at Malone; Rev. K. I. Rice, rector of St. Thomas church at Tupper Lake; Rev. E. O. Hervieux, pastor of St. Alphonsus church at Tupper Lake; Rabbi S. Freidman of Beth Joseph synagogue at Tupper Lake and Rev. W. B. MacNeil, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Faust.”



“Members of the Immigration Service along the border are to be all dolled up in uniforms that will make them look like Russian generals. Long suffering residents of the border counties are said to believe it would be a fine thing if the rest of the alleged officers who swarm in that section during pleasant weather, under the titles of border patrol, special agents and other names, would also forced to be uniformed. In that case ordinary citizens attempting to use the highways, might be able to tell the so-called officers from hijackers and stickup men.”


“The exact status of the hotel project for which the Main Street school site is now being sought was revealed in an interview with M. B. Marshall, former manager of Saranac Inn and former owner of the Grand View Hotel in Lake Placid, who discussed the situation yesterday with a representative of The Enterprise.

“Mr. Marshall is associated with W.H. Scopes of the Saranac Lake firm of Scopes & Feustmann, architects, in negotiations the school property and the plans to build a hotel on it.

“Manager of the Saranac In on Upper Saranac Lake from 1896 to 1912, and owner of the Grand View from 1919 until recently. Mr. Marshall is intimately acquainted with Saranac Lake and Adirondack business conditions. At the present time he is owner of the Hotel Alexandria in New York City.

“Stating that he had become interested during the past three months through Mr. Scopes, Mr. Marshall expressed the belief that this plan should appeal as distinct from others on account of the fact that he and Mr. Scopes are prepared to undertake the principal share of the financing.”


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