Highlights from Winter Carnival (The Enterprise, Feb. 12, 1967)

(The Enterprise, Feb. 12, 1967)

Excerpts from the lead story — Page 1: A crowded weekend of intense activity, mostly in intense cold (see weather report below) ended yesterday afternoon with the Enterprise Golden Ski contests on Mt. Pisgah.

“With the departure of the royalty, King Charlie Gogolak and Queen Judy Carne on the early afternoon Mohawk Airline flight, only the skiing and the WNBZ-WIRD broom hockey game remained to be completed.

“The weekend was highlighted by Friday night’s packed Rotary Show, one of the biggest parades in the 70 years of carnival history, the Sno-Ball dance at the Hotel Saranac Saturday night so jammed that dancing often resembled a subway rush in New York City, the storming of the Ice Palace and then the events of Sunday.

“Mayor Howard Riley of Saranac Lake, with a great burst of energy, finished third in the mayor’s snowshoe contest Saturday morning; there were three entrants.

“First was Mayor Marcel Richer of Tupper Lake, with Mayor Bernard Fitzpatrick of Malone. Mayor Rufus Weston of Bloomingdale was an interested spectator. Mayor Robert Peacock of Lake Placid, displaying wisdom based on experience, ‘couldn’t make it.'”

(The mayor of Plattsburgh called me and said he couldn’t make it to the Carnival and invited me to enter the Mayor’s Golf Tournament the next summer. I told him I did not play golf. He said, “I know you don’t, and I don’t snowshoe.”)

“Objective reporting requires us to indicate that Mayor Riley was doing fair until he reached the flag which he had to pick up. Police are still searching for the saboteur who had rigged the flag deep in the ice with a contraption underneath making it nearly impossible to remove the flag.

“The Pius X High School Snowshoe Marching Band, led by Sister Thaddeus, was a popular feature of the snowshoe race.

“The parade, as always, was the highlight of the weekend. The judges finally determined that the Pee Wee Hockey Association’s entry was the Best Float in the Parade. The Beauty contest in Class A was won by the Lions Club followed by the New York Telephone Club, second, and Paul Smith’s College third.

“After a bitter cold afternoon, with great courage shown by skiers and officials alike, with the mikes frozen for a long stretch of time and the T-Bar stopped; with flags being knocked over frequently in the fast skiing and with no more coffee being available in the ski lodge, Anne Maltais of Tupper Lake — tall, thin and graceful — and Greg Butterfield (no mention of the guy’s looks, but one can assume he was tall and handsome like his dad, Bill) of Saranac Lake carried off top honors and shared the big trophy of The Enterprise Golden Ski Races.”

Everyone skated back then

Saranac Lake had the biggest outdoor rink in the U.S. There were nearly a hundred kids who entered these skating races from first to sixth grade.

“Following are the results of the skating races, by class:

“Grade 6, boys: Keefe Riley, first; Bill Cantwell, second; Danny Meade, third. (Later these three guys were among the star hockey players produced by Coach Mark Gilligan.)

“Grade 6, girls: Kathy Pelkey, first; Patricia Farrington, second; Kathleen Peer, third.

“Grade 5 boys: (and here is another of our sons, Keefe’s brother) Kurt Riley, first; Scott Martin, second; Jim Bristol, third.

“Grade 5, girls: Karen Myers, first; Nancy Howard, second; Alayne Schroll, third.

“Grade 4, boys: Larry Sweeney, first; Miles Van Nortwick, second; Joe Amero, third.

“Grade 4, girls: Brenda Murphy, first; Linda Homburger, second; Kathy Ratelle, third.

“Grade 3, boys: Roger Dewey, first; Larry Branch, second; Steven Myers, third.

“Grade 3, girls: Sandra Pelkey, first; Elizabeth Wiles, second; Michele Pelkey, third.

“Grade 2, boys: Robert Cantwell, first; Randy Knobel, second; Rodney Dewey, third.

“Grade 2, girls: Valerie Duso, first; Elizabeth Ferguson, second; Gail Stiles, third.

“Grade 1, boys: Paul Harvey, first; Patrick Keough, second; Tod Fobare, third.

“Grade 1, girls: Sally Homburger, first; Sally Branch, second; Amy Fletcher, third.”

Rand wins jumping title

“SALISBURY, Conn. (AP) — Jay Rand, a 16-year-old (sorry, Mr. Supervisor, about giving away your age) who was National Junior Champion in 1966, won the Eastern Ski-Jumping Championship Sunday with jumps of 196 and 208 feet.

“The second jump by Rand, of the Northwoods Outing Club, of Lake Placid, N.Y., tied the record for the 60-meter hill set by Finland’s Hemmo Silvenmoinen in 1961.

“Rand’s former teammates from Lake Placid’s junior jumping program followed him in the placings in Junior A Class with Denny Jesmer, second; Donny Colby, third; and Chuck Berghorn, third.”

The weather report

“ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The Adirondack hamlet of Old Forge reached a bone-chilling -43. In Saranac Lake , the cold weather which had chilled carnival spectators all weekend took another drop overnight and gave school children an added day’s vacation.

“A Pontiac Street resident reported a -46, the coldest temperature recorded in the area. The normally coldest spot, Onchiota, was second with two -44 readings, -42 was reported from the Porch Restaurant” (owned by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Quigley and located on Lake Flower Avenue right across the street from the present famous Casa Del Sol Restaurant owned by Mr. and Mrs. Walter McClure).

More on 1967 Carnival events next week.


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