Reports from the Saranac Lake police blotter (November 1942)

The following abbreviated reports happen to have been written 77 years ago. Hopefully you, dear readers, have already noticed a few photos of the handsome, professional men — Saranac Lake’s finest — who were serving our community as pictured in the Saranac Lake Police Protective Association’s Bicentennial Year Book, 1975-76.

The book was dedicated to the longest serving chief of police, Bill Wallace, loved and respected throughout the North Country.

I know the date at the top reads “November” but we have to slip in a couple of entries for Halloween, Oct. 31, 1942.


Detective Gil Miron, later chief, Army vet

10 a.m. — Call to the Chief. A drunk laying on the foot path leading from Dorsey Street to Dorsey Terrace. Investigated and found 3 Lumberjacks asleep in the woods. Locked them up for P.V. [public vagrancy?] — Jones

10:30 a.m. — Call taken by Chief from Mrs. Howell of Park Avenue. Boys breaking windows and going through vacant houses. Could find only two boys who claimed to be looking for work raking leaves for money to go to the movies. Warned them to stay away from Park Avenue. — Higgins

7:30 p.m. — Call to 67 Franklin Avenue. Kids raising hell. Taken care of by Chief Wallace.

Robert Girard Jr., Army vet, retired New York State Police sergeant

11-7- 42

11:30 a.m. — Call from Mrs. Sullivan [Beth Bevilacqua’s grandmother] of 44 Neil Street. Roy Darrah had run over her dog. Thought his back was broken. After I arrived she decided to keep him and call Dr. Bouton [Betsy Pond’s father]. — Chief


Donald K. Fina, Vietnam vet, Air Force, later chief

2 p.m. — Call from General Hospital — Three people just brought in from an accident [involving cars?] on Elm Street. Went to hospital and found Frederick Harris, age 35, engineer at Ray Brook TB Hospital and lives in Ray Brook. Has a cut on his forehead and possibly a broken skull. Also a foot injury. Thomas Sullivan, age 41, of No. 5 Keene Street, badly skinned nose. Lucy Sullivan, wife of Thomas, age 32 of 5 Keene Street has fractured right leg. The above people had just been brought in and the above report is from a preliminary examination. Either Mr. Harris or Mr. Sullivan will come in later and report here and to the Motor Vehicle Department. — Higgins


Michael C. Bevilacqua, former judge, town of Santa Clara, presently Harrietstown judge

3:15 p.m. — Call from the Hotel Saranac. Boys shooting crap in the basement toilet room. Investigated and found the following boys, some with money in their hands.

¯ Robert Swain age 19, of 12 Fairview Avenue

¯ Philip Gallo, age 20 of Santanoni Avenue

¯ Bill Mulflur, age 15 of Bloomingdale Avenue

¯ Phillip Fletcher, age 21, of 161 Broadway

Dennis B. Duprey, promoted to sergeant, Vietnam vet, Coast Guard

Warned them that if they were caught again they would be prosecuted. — Wallace/Higgins