Lake Placid News — Aug. 17, 1972

Kelby Riley and Yevette LaBrake are pictured when they were stars with Ice Capades. They also skated as youngsters in the Lake Placid weekend ice shows. (Photo provided)

I know the readers of this column are the brightest in the world; well, maybe right after Henry Kissinger.

That is why I will not need to explain that this very day, today, is Aug. 17, 2019 and 47 years ago Lake Placid was cranking; eight years before the 1980 Olympic Winter Games; 40 years after the 1932 Olympic Winter Games; and next February, can one imagine, 40 years after the 1980 Games.

The little stories get overlooked

It has been covered before about Dr. H. W. Bergamini donating land for the elementary school site which was the lead story on Page One of the news.

But how about this: “Salary negotiations between the Keene Valley Central School Board of Education and the Keene Valley Teachers Association are now at an apparent standstill. A legislative hearing at the school at which the school board decided to grant no increase to the teaching staff despite recommendations to the contrary made by a professional negotiator.

“A fact finder reported that the base starting yearly pay for teachers in Keene Valley was $7,000, which is the lowest in Essex County and the surrounding area.”

By foot

Phil Gallos was just publishing his book, “By Foot” which was the title of his column in the Lake Placid News…he mentions yours truly in his book … a nice mention that probably sold two additional books, purchased by me.

In his column in this issue of The News he puts his foot in a boot and gives it, you know where, to Samuel de Champlain …

“When those ‘civilized’ Europeans first poked their noses into North America’s business, they reported finding the Algonquin and Iroquois Indians living ‘side by side’ in harmony.

“But sucked into the slime of European economic warfare, used as pawns in power plays of continental magnitude, power plays motivated by greed (for furs) and fueled by the concept of free enterprise and competition, the two once neighborly tribes became bitter enemies.

“On the evening of July 29, 1609, Samuel de Champlain, egomaniac extraordinaire, changed that. In the vicinity of Crown Point, Champlain, accompanied by two or three Frenchmen and sixty Algonquin’s, he encountered a band of Iroquois numbering approximately 180.

“The following morning, the great French explorer blasted away at the Iroquois with his arquebus in a great display of superior firepower and inferior judgment; killed a few Iroquois and scared the rest away.

“So Champlain’s successes of July 29, 1609 amounted to one of the greatest blunders of the American Colonial period…”

Local racers win event

“Tom Pelkey, Arnie Whalley and Mark Adler, the three Lake Placid drivers entered in the gymkahana sportscar races sponsored by the American Sportscar Association at the Saratoga Speedway came home with trophies last week. Pelkey, of the Lake Shore Motel, won first place in his category, while Whalley, of Whalley’s Service Station carried away second place honors in his category. Alder, 18, of West Heights Avenue, was a third place winner.

“All three drivers service their own sportscars and make their modifications in them for racing.”

Excerpts from feature stories

“The Olympic Arena was packed this week with ice dancers, their families and spectators. Ninety-four contestants from the mid-West, Northeast and Canada competed for trophies in ten categories…Bronze Dance, Junior Dance, Silver Dance, Special Veterans, Open Waltz, Special Relations, Open Fourteenstep, Mixed Gold Dance, Veterans Dance and Gold Free Dance.”

Ice show advertisement

A big ad listed other events. The ice show at the Olympic Arena on Saturday night, August 19 featured “outstanding” American and Canadian skaters in solos, groups and pairs. Admission – Adults $1.50 – Students $.75.

At the Mirror Lake Municipal Beach – “The Lake Placid Annual Long Course Swimming Meet” on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “The Lake Placid Mile” – Boys and Girls Open Water Course – Age 12 Years and Up.

Pretty good golf deal

The following is taken from an advertisement for the Whiteface Inn Golf course.

My friend, Peter Martin is the pro there and if I could get the same deal today, then I might take up golf.

Many locals may not know that Peter was an outstanding teacher at North Country Community College. The courses I enrolled in there at night, along with full-time students, who rented rooms in our home, were exceptional.

But here was the deal in 1972: “If you’re interested in some great tee-times, Whiteface Inn and Golf Club has a beautiful deal! Come any time after 3 p.m. and play all 18 holes for just $3.00. Or, you can start anytime after 7:30 a.m. and before 3 p.m. and play for our regular $8.00 greens fee. The Whiteface course … the most spectacular fairways you’ve ever seen!”