SLPD blotter entries for June 1942

Now, as my dear readers know, if I run across a name in the blotter for a serious allegation, I change the name to protect the guilty and to protect the innocent, if there are still relatives living in the area.

My readers are of all levels of intelligence and education; Some have wondered aloud to me why there were so many residents back then named John and Jane Doe, duh…

So the very first entry for June, 1942 carries the name of the grandfather of a friend of mine, big Paul Leahy. I don’t give away addresses in my column but Paul lives on the Trudeau Road with his beautiful wife, Eileen Bristol, where they are developing two 18 hole golf courses and one 9 nine hole course.

His grandfather was Ward J. Leahy who, when he quit farming, opened an Insurance and Real Estate business downtown at 98 Main Street, Phone 1166.

6-1-42, 10:50 p.m.: Call from Ward Leahy of the Kelley Farm on Sanatorium Road [sic]. Lost his dog. Black Collie/Shepard. White collar and legs.If found call 754. – Officer Jones

6-2-42, 9:45 p.m.: Edward Billings, 32 Old military Road, reports someone stole his sister’s bicycle which was parked by the Presbyterian Church at 8:45 p.m. ‘Flying Cloud’ girl’s bike, blue & white – no light. — Officer Wallace

6-4-42, 5:45 p.m.: Max Cohen, 199 Broadway [today location of Aubuchon Hardware] reports someone stealing gas out of one of their trucks the last couple of nights. Trucks parked inside of wire fence near R.R. tracks — gate locked – whoever is stealing the gas must climb over the fence to get it. Request police to keep an eye on trucks. — Officer Higgins [Sharon Bishop’s Dad, Pete Higgins – Happy Father’s Day] – [Column written on Father’s Day]

6-8-42, 6:45 p.m.: Call from Mrs. Anne M. Daigneau, 24 Franklin Avenue. She reports a $20 bill stolen out of her kitchen this afternoon. Bobbie Leonard, age 13, Terrace Street and Joseph Mason, age 10 – McComb Street were there this afternoon carrying out ashes. Mrs. Daigneau missed the money while they were removing the ashes. She had tem empty their pockets but they didn’t have the $20 bill. Went up to Leonard’s house and talked with Bobbie – he finally admitted taking the $20 bill and giving it to Mason who hid it in the ashes and carried it out. Recovered the $20 bill from Bobbie Leonard who hid it near his home. Returned the$20 bill to Mrs. Daigneauand obtained a receipt for it. She doesn’t want to sign a complaint against the boys. — Higgins

6-12-42, 8:30 p.m.: Complaint from Mr. Moody, Merrill Street. Joe Manfredo’s boy was shooting his dog with an air rifle. Says Joe’s son-in-law is always shooting around the neighborhood. I told Joe’s son-in-law they would have to stop shooting around the village, and he said, ‘well why don’t the people keep their dogs at home?’ His wife then said, ‘why don’t the police do something about it? I called yesterday that dogs were inside our store wetting things but could not get a policeman to do anything about it.’ They both took a very hostile attitude about the whole thing. – Wallace

6-13-42, 6:30 p.m.: Complaint from Louis Fobare that some man was sleeping on bails of shavings at J. J. O’Connell’s sheds every night and being drunk at the time. Checked several times ’till 12 p.m. Found no one but found evidence of someone having been there. — Jones

6 16-42, 7 p.m.: Two complaints that Joey Wentworth, 141 Main Street, is abusing kids around his house. Throws stones and hits them with sticks. Slapped a baby in the face.Wants police to do something about it. — Wallace

6-19-42, 4:30 p.m.: Call from Mrs. Williams of 50 Baker Street. Wanted police to escort her maidhome to 10 Park Avenue. Dog had attacked her maid on the way to work in the morning and she was afraid to go home. Takencare of by Wallace who also tried to find the dog but was unable to do so and took care of the “maid.” — Wallace

6-23-42, 7:15 p.m.: Call from Dr. Wardner that Henry Methe, 15 Jenkins Street had just died and that there was no one there to look after him. I went up there and waited until Currier [the undertaker] came and got him. A Mrs. Akinson, a close friend of his notified his brother Charles in N.Y.C. He had a very bad heart condition. — Ryan