Test your vehicle and traffic law I.Q. — 2022

An annual winter feature of the weekly “Did You Know” articles is a 20-question quiz on vehicle and traffic law (VTL) and traffic control devices (TCDs). The first 10 questions are true/false and questions 11-20 are multiple choice. If you follow the weekly Did You Know articles, you should do well. The answers will be found in next week’s article. Try the quiz and see how much you know (or don’t know) about VTL and TCDs.

True or False

1. At an intersection where you are going straight but can’t get past the intersection because of backed up traffic, it is illegal to enter the intersection.

2. Lower speeds and the lack of left turns in roundabouts cut fatalities by approximately 90% and injuries by approximately 75% compared to traditional intersections with stop signs and traffic signals.

3. If a fire hydrant is lacking a NO PARKING sign, it is legal to park in front of the hydrant.

4. If your vehicle has daytime running lights, you are not required to turn on your headlights when your wipers are on.

5. If it is safe to do so, you may legally cross a double solid line when passing a bicyclist riding on the shoulder.

6. When there are no sidewalks, NYS VTL requires pedestrians to walk on the LEFT facing oncoming traffic; it also requires bicyclists to ride on the right WITH traffic.

7. When approaching a STOP sign at an intersection, you must stop AT THE STOP SIGN.

8. Covering your license plates with a clear plastic cover is legal.

9. You pull over to the shoulder of the road to make a phone call. While stopped on the shoulder, it is illegal to keep your right turn signal on.

10. Rear seat passengers 16 years old and older are not required to wear seatbelts.

Multiple choice questions

11. If a town snowplow hits and damages your rural mailbox, the municipality that owns the snowplow must repair the mailbox within a) 48 hours, b) one week, c) by the following April 1st, d) is under no obligation to repair it.

12. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assesses driver error in: a) 50%, b) 75%, c) 88%, or d) 94% of all traffic crashes.

13. At a signalized intersection, you are facing a green light and want to turn left, but there is a string of oncoming traffic. You should: a) stop at the stop bar and wait, b) go straight so as not to hold up traffic behind you, c) turn right and then make a U-turn, d) proceed into the intersection and wait for a break in oncoming traffic or the light to change, then complete your left turn.

14. A conviction for texting while driving carries: a) 0, b) 2, c) 3, d) 5 driver violation points.

15. Traffic control devices (signs, signals, and pavement markings) apply to; a) public streets and highways, b) bikeways, c) private roads open to public travel, d) all of these.

16. Parking is prohibited: a) within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection, b) within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, c) on a crosswalk, d) on a sidewalk, e) where prohibited by an official sign, f) all of these.

17. Under which three of the following five conditions are U-turns prohibited: a) upon any curve or upon the approach to, or near the crest of a grade where such motor vehicle cannot be seen by another driver within 500 feet, b) within a school zone, c) on any roadway with a speed limit over 40 mph, d) where official signs prohibit U-turns, e) on a highway with 4 or more lanes.

18. Which type of sign is used to inform road users of traffic regulations and laws and are used to control vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian movement: a) regulatory, b) warning, c) guide and information.

19. Which of the following traffic control devices are regulatory signs and legally must be obeyed: a) SPEED LIMIT 45, b) NO PARKING, c) curve left sign with advisory speed plaque of 40 mph, d) WEIGHT LIMIT 10 TONS, E) DEAD END.

20. Fines for a speed limit violation are doubled for speeding in a: a) city, b) work zone, c) school speed zone, d) tunnel.

How do you think you did? The questions along with the answers will be the subject of next week’s article. Meanwhile, drive safely!


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