COVID-19 could reduce traffic deaths

There’s almost nothing good coming from the COVID-19 coronavirus, but there could be one potential positive thing — we should have fewer automobile fatalities. With schools and colleges closed, restaurants limited to take-out only, public gatherings limited to a handful of people, all major sports canceled or at least postponed and travel anywhere not recommended, US citizens are pretty much limited to essential travel locally for food, medical supplies and other items critical to daily life.

One result of this will be far fewer miles traveled and far fewer vehicles on the road. Therefore, crashes should also decrease significantly. I guess if you’re looking for something positive, this just might fill the bill slightly.

Vehicle fatalities have been on the rise in recent years, as have been the miles traveled by motorists. With significant less travel expected until the coronavirus comes under control and the restrictions lifted, vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities will also fall.

Vehicle fatalities in the US are running about 100 every day, currently far above the fatality rate for the coronavirus, at least at this time. As inconvenient but necessary as the restrictions on our daily life are, we search for something positive from all this chaos. After all is said and done, wouldn’t it be wonderful if fewer lives were lost in vehicle crashes than the number of people that died as a result of the coronavirus?


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