Sharing the woods, waters and trails in hunting season

With the annual big game hunting season up and and running in full gear, there will be archers, muzzleloaders, hand-gunners along with an assortment of riflemen and women taking to the woods and waters.

Woods walkers and leaf peepers will soon have to deal with an additional influx of small and big game hunters, including grouse, duck, woodcock and geese hunters, as well as brook trout and salmon anglers, photographers, paddlers, hikers, peak baggers, rock climbers, and and an ever growing collection of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

It is always interesting to note how quickly and easily this ever increasing, broad spectrum of outdoor travelers get along. I suppose it it has something to do with inherent survival instincts and our natural willingness to help those in need. There is truly a tangible difference in our demeanor when we are on the trail, or on the waters. At such times, we are more likely to offer assistance, than we are on the highway. Similarly, we are far more likely to assist a lost hiker, or share gas with a boater, than we would be if the vehicle had broken down on a highway.

Although the majority of big game hunters have already taken to the wooded trails in pursuit of whitetails, birds, black bear and coyotes, there is plenty of time left in the season. Hopefully weather systems will actually provide the region with an old fashion combination of cold weather, deep snow and light winds. With the unpredictability of favorable hunting weather conditions in recent years, we are due to catch a break eventually.

If weather conditions allow, l have high hopes of pursuing an original Adirondack Surf, Turf and Wing combo this season. The unique sporting accomplishment, is based on the fabled McNabb Challange of Scotland, which is a historic sporting endeavor that requires shooting a brace of grouse on the wing, taking a brace of brook trout on the fly, and still hunting /stalking a whitetail buck, all in the course of a single day.

An Adirondack version of the McNabb Challenge permits anglers to fish salmon or trout in a Loch, if a suitable river is not available.


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