Christmas in the heat of the summer season

The Adirondacks has provided an idyllic backdrop for advertising campaigns for many years. (Photo provided)

It is the heat of the summer season in the Adirondacks, as a visitor stops along a backcountry trail. Trooping along ahead of her is a small team of stylists, lighting experts, makeup experts, photographers and producers.

The scene has been designed to show off the latest winter fashions, and the scenery reflects it. The balsam and pine forest is carefully decorated with brown pine needles and colorful fallen leaves. There are even a few piles of freshly fallen snow glistening on the ground and on the nearby balsams.

It appears as if Christmas has arrived.

Hovering in the background, there is a team of men and women shuffling through boxes filled with the latest winter-wear, including scarves, hats, gloves and boots. The entire production is a scene that will be repeated over and over as a team of models — ranging in age from teenagers to preteens and adults — will rush about the set in an effort to capture images of the latest fall and winter outdoor clothing.

Production companies are in a rush to provide images of clothes that will not be on store shelves for months. It is a process that will be repeated with products ranging from clothing and automobiles to the food we eat.

As locations go, the Adirondacks has been well known for its rugged good looks and the incredible “magic light” that occurs during the late afternoon. As many top photographers have explained, “The Adirondack alpenglow can make a pile of poop into a princess.”

And lf it can do that, it is not hard to imagine what it can do for the food we eat, the cars we drive and the clothing we wear.

Over the years, many of the top brands in the fashion industry have utilized the rugged Adirondack backdrop in an effort to show off their products. Most recently, Stetson Hat Company, a company that is widely known for cowboy hats, shot their autumn and winter catalogs at a rustic Adirondack lodge on the shore of Lake Placid.


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