Lynn Malerba: Leader, guide, athlete and a dear friend

A photo from Venessa “Lynn” Malerba’s Facebook page shows her love of hiking and the outdoors. (Photo provided)

As much as anyone l know, my friend Lynn Malerba loved the woods.

She grew up in an outdoor family of guides, hunters and anglers. It was a natural fit that she would eventually continue to carry on the family tradition. After retiring from her career as a physical educator, she took on a second career as a licensed guide, where she rapidly earned a reputation as a highly competent and sought after guide.

Lynn was a natural leader, and it was evident in nearly every endeavor she undertook, whether it was ski racing, basketball or just picking night crawlers for the family bait shop.

As a youngster, she lived an outdoor life. It was only fitting that her second career would lead her along a pine-padded path, following many seasons on the hard courts of a gymnasium.

It didn’t take long for her to establish a solid reputation for leading high-quality outdoor adventures. Although she was a bit slight in stature, she could certainly hold her own on the trail, the water or over the snow, where she was an outstanding ski racer.

Despite her obvious athletic prowess, her skills on the trail and an uncanny knack for hauling tiny pack canoes into many of the most remote, inaccessible waters in the region, l don’t ever recall hearing her complain. She was without a doubt one of the most positive, upbeat individuals l ever met.

I supposed l was not the only one to think this way, which was obvious judging by the size of crowd that packed the local Baptist church to celebrate her life.

Lynn recently passed away while undertaking a pond-hopping trip through the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. In a tragic fluke of circumstance, a severe storm passed through the region, toppling trees in its path. One of those trees landed on her tent.

Following frantic rescue efforts that included forest rangers, state troopers, local first responders and a host of others, Lynn was air-lifted to the Vermont Medical Center, where she passed.

While there is never any appropriate conciliation for such an incident, Lynn at least was in the deep woods, in the company of her dear friends and surrounded by the type of wild lands that she knew and loved.

A remembrance of her life was recently celebrated at the Baptist Church in Lake Placid, and it was packed. It was obvious her impact was considerable, and her friends were many. As a heavy rain beat down on the roof of the church, the Pastor noted, “Even the angels are crying.”

Glamp camp on the Ausable

While scouting the Flume Pool on the West Branch of the Ausable River, l stumbled upon a couple of cabin tents located high on a hemlock ridge overlooking the gorge. Upon further inspection, l discovered the posh cabin tents were not your average, run-of-the-mill pup tent.

They are affectionally known as Glamp Camps, as in glamorous camping. The open air residences feature two roomy bunks and a spacious queen-sized bed for mom and dad.

They come equipped with lights, water and a large wooden deck, which overlooks the river. The structures appear to be a bit too comfortable for me, as it may be difficult to get the kids out of bed with such comfortable accommodations.


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