Blood type and biting insects

Is it possible black flies are more prone to bite people with a specific blood type? I was recently informed that blood type may be why some people are bitten by insects more than others. Why hasn’t the government harnessed that kind of bug-flying power? The capability of a tiny flying insect to detect blood type sounds like the screenplay for an apocalyptic horror movie. I’ll let that swirl around the heads of any conspiracy theorists. Raise your hands if you have Type O blood pumping through your veins. That is taking the role of universal donor to the next level.

Would blood type be the next stage of an online dating profile? Would the profile read, “loves to hike, O blood to lure away biting insects?” I have so many questions. How far away would I have to be from that person? Should we walk “carrot on a stick” distance apart or side-by-side?

After many questions and a quick Google search, I found numerous online articles that support the theory and reference “studies.” Unfortunately, the only scientific study I discovered was retracted in 2021. If there is another study supporting blood type and biting insects, I couldn’t find it.

Even if blood type mattered, black flies are like deer. A deer will eat all the “deer-proof” plants when nothing better is available. It’s the same for black flies. If I’m the only offering, then my blood is just what they want.

There is a part of me, in the name of science, eager to go hiking, camping, or just hanging outside with anyone with Type O blood. If it means black flies will be drawn away from me and toward the universal donor, then shouldn’t we all do our part for science? Bringing a Type O person to a party could be the new housewarming gift. Keep your hostess gift wine. I’ll bring a personal bug deterrent.

I asked my neighbor his blood type as we stood outside surrounded by bugs. He wasn’t sure if we had reached that stage in our relationship. I explained my “bug biting research.” We agreed it didn’t matter because black flies are still attracted to carbon dioxide and dark colors, as we exhaled our frustration while dressed in black.


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