A great idea

The words that instill dread in my husband are “I have a great idea.” He usually responds, “How long will your great idea take me?” As the self-proclaimed idea person, I have faith in my husband’s skills to be part of our team to see things to completion. I’ve thought things out. I’ve drawn plans. I’ve researched my idea. Is it so much to ask for him to make it happen?

I’m not a builder or an architect. That nugget of information does not stop me from thinking I can defy the laws of gravity, electricity and science. I use the excuse that I want my children to be out-of-the-box thinkers. So we ask them to find ways to improve our house and surroundings.

Most of my great ideas involve home improvements or efficiency, though I’ve attempted to save the world a few times. Over time, my husband, much to his chagrin, has made many of my “suggestions” happen. I believe it all started when I thought taking down a load-bearing wall would be a good idea. Sure, the wall was structural and holding up the house. My husband and father looked at me in the exhausted way of any overworked free laborer.

Our family roles are not a man vs. woman situation. I grew up helping my parents and grandparents with various projects. My role as the idea person took hold after a friend had a table saw accident, and I searched through sawdust for fingers. Even though new machines have necessary safety mechanisms, I will always choose a hand tool over any power tool.

My husband and father took down the wall and put up a beam, but because our house had other underlying issues, I just saw it as a great idea coming to fruition. If they could make a load-bearing wall disappear, wasn’t anything possible? It turns out most great ideas can happen if there is enough money. So, I revise, reevaluate, and present Great Idea 2.0, a smaller and affordable great idea. It just needs some adjustments.

Don’t worry; I haven’t given up on saving the world. I’m fine-tuning the details. I’ve got a few great ideas.


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