Don’t forget teachers

Do you remember back in the day when the world first shut down? To jar your memory, it will be a year this March. If you are a parent or caregiver with children in the home, do you remember wondering how in the world you were going to juggle kids, teach school and earn a living? Do you remember being worried about those families no longer using the school as a haven? When that happened, the school staff — teachers, instructors, administrators, aids, and coaches — made things happen. Do you remember how we applauded their efforts? How soon we forget.

I’ve received some comments on how children need to be in school. I wholeheartedly agree. Do you know who else wants children back in school? Teachers. I’m a parent of older children, so I do not have the same worries as other parents. This is not anything negative to the amazing parents drastically altering their lives to continue their children’s education. This is a statement to those who continue to think that teachers are on holiday because they are teaching online. This is not a vacation for the school. If you want to find a group of problem solvers, look to the teachers. If you want to find a group of innovators, look to the school system. If you want to find a group of concerned citizens, look toward all organizations that choose to safeguard children, whether through sports, dance, education or the arts.

I understand more than one might think about the issues of poverty and abuse. We all know families who require help. My question to you is always the same. Are you passively sitting by, commenting on horrific actions, or are you looking for ways to help? I also understand that these situations are delicate. We can’t just swoop in and save the day. That is just another unsung role of the school staff. They know how to get people the help they need. If they don’t, they try to find a way. They are not stagnant. They can, at the very least, get a situation in motion. I’m not trying to “fix” people in abusive relationships because each situation is different and complicated. It’s never a simple solution. I’m reaching out to those who feel compelled to remain silent if someone they know is being abused or going hungry. Domestic hotlines can be utilized by someone seeking information for someone else. Please explore ways to help. STOP Domestic Violence Health Behavioral Services North Country at 888-563-6904 services Essex, Frankin and Clinton counties. 

There will always be some teacher or administrator who receives mixed reviews. That person is the exception, not the rule. So once again, please find ways to lift educators as they continue to lift their students through these challenging times. 

Full disclosure: I am married to a teacher. I see firsthand the effort he’s made to change his teaching methods to benefit his students. He’s a math teacher, not a tech teacher. Thank you to all who have contacted me with opinions and views regarding various columns. While a few of you could use an etiquette class and spellcheck, most people are polite and offer differing perspectives, which adds to any conversation. I appreciate the feedback. Stay safe. 


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