Where do we go from here?

I’ve been wondering for a while if it is too late to love thy neighbor? Have we truly reached the point where we can’t even agree on what is right or wrong? Is it all about the payback?

Social media has never been a factual place to receive news, so please bear with my thought process. I’ve been seeing a lot of personal posts from friends sharing extreme views. This is not a recent move, but years of interaction. This isn’t a right or left issue, either; this is an extreme issue. Issues range from defending name-calling because someone else did it first, destruction of property and the recent insurrection.

I don’t agree with destruction of personal, business or federal property. I’ve read articles defending the practice as well as had heated debates with friends. I still don’t agree that illegally destroying something physical brings resolution to anything. Destroying unjust laws? Yes. Mob mentally allows others to only bring attention to the mob. We are distracted from the original purpose and intent of a discussion or protest. 

I’m willing to lose friends for their lack of facts, but I’m not willing to lose friends because of their beliefs. I’m willing to listen to anyone’s side, but I’m not willing to take opinion as reality. We are in a place where intolerance is commonplace. I refuse to divide everyone into either bad or good. There are plenty of keyboard warriors spreading misinformation who can take up that fight. 

Where do we go from here? I’m not sure. I do know that lawlessness isn’t the answer. Working in one’s own self-interest isn’t the answer, either. Disregarding science and law isn’t the answer. We are not children on the playground where our actions can be brushed off with a time-out. Our words and actions have consequences, no matter what side of the fence we reside.

We can bury ourselves in an echo chamber, or we can continue to interact with our neighbors. For starters, I’m going to love my neighbor. 


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