What happens after the election

The country is voting for president. Through a virus, pandemic, deaths, quarantine, riots and chaos, there have been hard lines drawn in the sand. These lines have always been here. In the past, those lines were just ignored or stepped over while we smothered our thoughts with gravy at the Thanksgiving table. No one wanted to stir contention during a family reunion, so we just passed the potatoes. I know I don’t sit alone with a divided family in a divided country.

The lines drawn will not be erased on Nov. 3, no matter whom is elected. There is no magic bullet. I don’t think any of us are naive enough to think that if your vote helped choose the highest office in the United States, that the work is done. There will be someone else who voted in the opposite direction. How do we bring together a country so divided?

This election won’t be decided overnight. It will not be decided by “a show of hands.” It also may not be the person you wish who is in charge. What will you do to help heal a country? 

 This election opened all of our eyes. Whether or not your outlook attracts us or divides us, most of us are exhausted with the glossy social media memes and dubious facts. We are tired of the hateful speech, altercations and disrespect. We can choose when to ignore the endless ads and robocalls and when to take to action.

I want my children to know there is hope. I want my children to believe we all have the ability to learn and grow because of our differences. I want my children to understand that some people don’t have the privilege to turn the other cheek. Some people can’t turn off their job insecurity, their skin color, their poverty, the hate. 

I am proud to be an American. I am proud to be part of this community, town, state and country. I want to continue to step away from the TV, phones and other devices, and see what needs to be done here and now. This presidential election is just a Band-Aid to the larger problem, a seemingly quick fix. There is a part of me that is glad we are beyond the silent stage, the choking on our turkey to avoid offending the family member stage. I know I’ve been told numerous times I’m wrong about a variety of things. I’m OK with that. Disagreeing with respect allows me the opportunity to learn and grow. 


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