Adirondack Diary

Aug. 3

Got letter from Rochester postmarked two days before receipt. So much for issue of postal delays!

Line of thunderstorms went by last night but only one distant lightning strike!

Wonder if births will go up next year?

Seems like a retiring Cohoes cop needs a stay at St. Joe’s!

Aug. 4

S.L. top cop spoke to Rotary. Covered BLM rally, new cops saying “no” to old cops, Driving While Black, weapons, education and speeding. Sharp guy.

Aug. 5

Feast Day of St. John Vianey, Cure’ of Ars, France. Survived anti-clericalism of French Revolution, dodged army draft and became popular pastor!

Drug store has low dose flu shots for people under fifty.

Rained all day! Hurricane?

Met with two DeChantal tenants. Have concerns but love view!

Read Adk Health Foundation Report. Saw name. Will send money.

Aug. 5

Met old client. Tending grandkids and driving others!

Hedge hiding DeChantal smoke shack trimmed to look like castle!

Got backwinds and showers from hurricane!

Covid KOed Rockettes Xmas Show!

Aug. 6

Reading Dickens’ David Copperfield. Great Aunt Betsy gets rid of husband by giving him money to go to India. Stepfather puts Davy in headlock and canes him. Davy bites him through hand. Ouch! Gets sent to reform school. Then when mother dies, is sent to London to work. Runs away to Aunt Betsy who sends him to Cathedral school! Hurray!

Full moon last night. Hard sleeping. Natives restless!

New York news writer Pete Hamill died in Brooklyn hospital where born. Palled with Norman Mailer and Jimmy Breslin, friends with Bobby and Jackie Kennedy, and took Shirley MacLaine to Oscars! Hated Dodgers move to L.A., so cheered Miracle Mets!

K.C. Royals clubbed Cubs in Mizzou!

Aug. 7

Heard from a guy I worked with while in high school. Son of a surgeon who went to a local prep school but father made work. Owns an insurance agency near Rochester.

Aug. 8

Got car inspected and oil changed in one hour!

Deli serving thru side window!

Picked up books thru front door of library!

Read John Hersey’s A Single Pebble about an American engineer’s 1923 trip up the Yangtze River by junk. Pulled by men through the Three Gorges!

Aug. 9

Drone buzzed kayaks on Moody Pond!

Paul Herrmann lives in Saranac Lake. Adirondack Diary is a weekly column.


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