Adirondack Diary

July 25

Toronto Blue Jays will play home games in Buffalo. New stadium there built to lure new Major League Baseball team. Went to Toronto instead!

Three MLB games on Fox: Brewers vs. Cubs, Giants vs. Dodgers, Yanks vs. Nats.

July 27

Add Japanese knotweed to list of alien species ICE should oust!

Three deer — mama, papa, baby — feeding at DeChantal squirrel feeder!

Reviewed 22 years of DeChantal Tenants Association records. Found two checking accounts and $9.65 cash. Gave same to treasurer.

July 28

Dr. Nicky Hylton-Patterson, director of Adirondack Diversity Initiative, spoke to Saranac Lake Rotary. Talked about racism in America, Adirondacks and Jamaica, whence she came.

Saw former co-worker at Baker Mountain trailhead. Met his Black son-in-law and brown grandson.

New York State Bar Association President-Elect Brown is Black.

Saranac Lake Rotary Garden Party featured anemones, impatiens, rock garden, potatoes, tomatoes, zinnias, irises, lupines, spiderwort, hydrangeas, bee balm, phlox, sunflower, wisteria, azaleas, hibiscus, deer, turkey, bear, daisies, black-eyed Susans, clematis, Queen Anne’s lace, sweet William, caterpillars, mullein, blackberries, grapes, currants, blueberries, flowering cacti, balloon flowers, lavender, water lilies, foxglove and azaleas!

Oreo sales have gone up!

Eastman Kodak got $765 million federal loan to make drug chemicals!

July 29

Met Moody Pond milfoil maven, wife and dog. Ruled out weed-eating fish. Mats and hand-pulling divers are answer!

Town justice is a hard job, especially if also own court clerk. It’s even harder if has to do prosecutor’s job. Has to work for town, not district attorney or police!

Police have hard job. Domestic calls are dangerous. Mental health training and help would be very useful!

Trump vs. Cuomo fight over COVID aid spilling over into NY-21 Congress race.

July 30

Saw interracial couple walking around Moody Pond. Saw people lined up early for Methodist rummage sale!

July 31

Ordered C.S. Forester’s “The Good Shepherd” from library. Basis for Tom Hanks’ Greyhound movie. About destroyer escorting convoy across North Atlantic during World War II.

Father served on destroyer escort there in 1944. Merchant Marine had highest casualties. Only 5% of U-boat crews survived!

Sister Maria Veritas Marks went to Mass at St. Bernard’s. Dominican nun who studied classics at Harvard. Gave speech in Latin at her 2010 graduation there!

New Adirondack Life has story about Joyce Carol Oates visit to Camp Canaras in 1977. Mentions Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 1858 visit to Follensby Pond and his lyric poem “The Adirondacks.”

Same issue has story about and photos of a redheaded falconer and her red-tailed hawk!

Aug. 1

Franklin County Emergency Services had call for helicopter flight to Burlington from a Buck Pond rescue!

Aug. 2

St. Bernard’s School starting 99th year. Movie star Veronica Lake was a famous graduate!

Paul Herrmann lives in Saranac Lake. Adirondack Diary is a weekly column.


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