Adirondack Diary

July 19

Heard Franklin County EMS call at 2:45 a.m. about one-car accident on Webster Street Road in Malone. Ejection and possible DOA. Called for backup.

Plattsburgh Press-Republican later reported that two died and two flown to Burlington in serious condition.

July 21

Saranac Lake High School valedictorian spoke to Saranac Lake Rotary Club about anti-Asian teasing. Caused her not to be seen with parent or to bring Asian food to school. Going to study Mandarin in college and visit China.

Town of St. Armand paved small part of Moody Pond road in that town. The rest is in town of North Elba and village of Saranac Lake. Overlapping boundaries make no sense!

Saw VSL truck on Moody Pond Road driven by worker who also has side business doing odd jobs. Many Adirondackers need two or more jobs to make it.

July 22

Messaged with Irish-Asian cousin who lives in England. Grew up in Hong Kong but moved to England, where there is a lot of ethnic mixing.

Saw an athletic Asian woman jogging around Moody Pond with Doberman companion.

Heard Slavic language being spoken on Main Street.

Champlain Weekly reported that Black blues guitarist Joe Louis Walker playing at Harborside lot in Plattsburgh Saturday night.

July 23

Heidi Kretser told me her canoeing partner is not her sister.

They are raising money to clean up the Eurasian milfoil in Moody Pond.

Wonder if ICE would arrest growth as illegal aliens? Same true for Japanese beetles?

Rotary coffee klatch talked mostly about boats, camps and electric power.

July 26

Read that Adirondack Community Trust reported in 2012 that milfoil harvest in Saranac Lake went down over three years from 18 tons to 800 pounds per year!

Met fellow who’s hosting two docs from New York City who are doing Ironman triathlon alone!

Picked up free copy of “From Here to Eternity” on afternoon walk.

Paul Herrmann lives in Saranac Lake. Adirondack Diary is a weekly column.


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