Phone company gives terrible service

Customer service is not a service anymore, at least when it comes to solving phone problems. We have spoken to our phone and internet provider at least 20 times between Feb. 1 and March 11, and it still is not resolved.

Our customers are getting frustrated by calling us and we hear them but they can’t hear us. The same happens when we call out: Our customers don’t hear us, but we can hear them. We do hear them say, “I think they hung up on me!”

We pride ourselves in answering our phones and would never hang up on our callers.

The frustration is that our phone provider does not let us speak to a human until we’ve pressed enough buttons that our fingers are numb. Then the person who is finally reached asks the same questions all over again, rattling off account numbers, work order numbers, documented calls with phone numbers called, time, date and line it was called on.

Are we seeing more incompetence and lack of accountability when dealing with customer service problems today? There seems to be a lot of blame, and if they don’t have the answer, they defer you to their website for the simplest problem, even when you’re calling about their website not working.

I wonder how I can deal with this in the future? I picture myself expired, face planted down on my laptop, rigor mortis setting in as my hand is clutched to the phone, with the “on hold” revolving message saying, “We appreciate your business, and we will be with you shortly.”

Meanwhile, we are changing phone providers. So if you are trying to call us until this is resolved, try our 518-891-2646 line. We are proud to say we answer each call during the day with our competent and caring front-office staff: Connie, Emily, Donna, Scott, Lindsay and Carol.