Susan Myszewski

Susan Myszewski of Nashua, New Hampshire, native to Lake Placid, died Sunday Sept. 29, 2019, at Hospice House in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Susan Nan Lawrence, the second child of Harriet Hall Lawrence and Howard John Lawrence of John Brown Road, was born Aug. 2, 1942, in Lake Placid. Harriet (1914-2010) was born to English parents in Boston, migrated to Lake Placid in 1937 and in 1938 married Howard. Howard (1902-1984), a carpenter, was born in John Brown’s house, as was his father John Brown Lawrence. Susan’s family, throughout her youth, was closely associated with the Adirondack Community Church, under Rev. Carpenter and youth leader Reg Clark. Susan graduated from Lake Placid High School (1960) and obtained an RN degree, along with her friend Frietha Gundersen, from Ellis Hospital (Schenectady) in 1963. Susan obtained a bachelor’s in nursing from Boston University in 1968 and became a supervisor of visiting nurses.

After exploring life in San Francisco in the early 1970s, Susan returned to the Boston area, where she married Mathew Myszewski, a computer scientist, in May 1979. Susan was a longtime member of St. Matthew’s Church in Acton, Massachusetts, and sang in both church and community choirs. The members of the Nashoba Valley Choral much valued Susan’s superlative voice, and also as an organizing powerhouse and talented fundraiser. At St. Matthew’s she shared her ability to bring people together and feel heard. Susan was known to many for her wisdom, good cooking, fine singing and love of family — especially her nieces and nephews.

For about a decade, Susan and Mat took care of Harriet during her 80s at their home in Acton. In her 90s, Harriet was resident at the Uihlein Mercy Center, which is within a mile of Susan’s childhood home; and so Susan traveled frequently to Lake Placid and became quite attached to St. Eustace Church, where her cousin Virginia Gilmore was organist and Father Brock Baker took care of spiritual needs with verve and kindness nonpareil.

Susan is survived by three brothers: Gary (Frietha) of Ashford, Connecticut; Harv of Richmond, Vermont; and Anthony (Martina) of Lake Placid. Susan leaves behind husband Mat — celebrating their 40th anniversary in Lake Placid last May — and Mat’s two children: Susan’s de facto virtuous daughter Sarah (John Luke) Mills of Billerica, Massachusetts, and their college-age son, Susan’s virtual devoted grandson, Luke. And Mat’s son James (Valerie) Jennings of Lausanne, Switzerland, and their two college-age grandsons, Nicolas, and Liam.

A memorial service for Susan will be at St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church in Acton, Massachusetts, on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 13, with lunch at one and a service at 2 p.m., then dessert and friendship. Contact office@saint-matthews.org. You may remember Susan most effectively by performing random acts of kindness and behaving “Ruth-fully,” especially attentive to immigrants and adopted daughters and sons. See the book of Ruth 1:16, 4:15-17: For if there had been no immigrant widow Ruth from Moab, then there would not have been Obed, nor David, nor Jesus; see Matthew 1:1-17. Nota Bene: Behave Ruth-fully. Requiescat In Pace: Dearest Sister Susan.