Throwing fry pans looks like a lot of fun

Nora Glover throws a cast iron skillet in the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival little ladies’ fry pan toss in Riverside Park Saturday, Feb. 1. (Enterprise photo — Griffin Kelly)

I attended the Winter Carnival ladies’ fry pan toss on Saturday, and the whole time I was thinking, “I want to throw one, too.”

The women, who ranged from first-graders to senior citizens, each got a chance to launch skillets across the snow. The little girls used a smaller pan. It was pretty cute. Beth Jennings, a resident of Harrisville and first-timer to Winter Carnival, got the grand prize with her toss of 60 feet, 5 inches.

I was envious. I felt like the little sibling wanting to copy a cool, older sister.

For the Highland games, men often participate in the caber toss, which involves a nearly 20-foot beam of wood. That doesn’t seem very accessible, so let’s stick with frying pans.

Now listen, I ain’t trying to get on some soapbox here and shout stuff about gender roles and sexual identification or anything like that. But the annual fry pan toss could possibly benefit from adding a men’s or an inter-gender bracket.

Throwing a fry pan looks fun, and I would really like to do it, too. I’m sure there’s plenty of other people who would love to toss a heavy piece of kitchenware across the lawn. Throwing stuff in general is fun. Like when you pick up a big rock and chuck it into a pond to see how big the splash is — ooo, that’s the best.

The event involved two of my favorite things: cast-iron skillets and throwing stuff. Similar to breaking glass bottles or those charity events where you pay five bucks to go to town on a clunker with a baseball bat for minute, tossing a heavy object gives you that animalistic rush we just need to have sometimes.

See, I don’t really like traditional sports. My knowledge of football doesn’t go past 2004 because that was the last Madden video game I played. The most recent basketball player I’m really aware of is Michael Jordan, and that’s mainly because of “Space Jam” and Bugs Bunny. I do know a fair bit about MMA, and the sport is gaining traction, but it’s still seen as unconventional.

I like goofy sports (or games) — KanJam, four square and handball. A dream of mine is to one day become a world-class badminton player. I would love to add fry pan tossing to my list of ridiculous activities.


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