Lake Placid keeps Mirror Lake clear for ice skating

This is a year for ice and with that comes an automatic stop at the Lake Placid ice track on Mirror Lake. Though there are plenty of skating opportunities around the Adirondacks, one reassuring aspect of skating on Mirror Lake is that the North Elba Park District graciously keeps it clear of snow.

When we skate on a wilderness pond, we bring all the safety gear and take the necessary precautions to test the ice. On Mirror Lake, North Elba makes sure the ice is safe for everyone. It is safe to say that if a plow can clear a two-mile lane then the ice is strong enough to hold me, a couple of kids and the Can/Am Pond Hockey League.

I love ice skating though I don’t feel like it’s my strong suit. On Mirror Lake I know I will see every level of skater on the ice at any given time. No one cares how I look. They are too busy enjoying themselves to bother critiquing someone else’s performance. I love the idea of being able to bring minimal equipment and be on the ice in a matter of minutes. I keep my skates in the car so I can skate various segments of the two-mile path whenever I’m in town.

I always see people utilizing the ice track differently from playing games to a solitary jaunt. It isn’t for just one purpose. To view the High Peaks from the middle of Mirror Lake is a gift I can’t refuse. From the west side of the lake is a clear view of the Sentinel Range. The majority of the High Peaks are to the south with Whiteface Mountain most notable to the northeast.

There is no cost to access the ice track though it can be tricky to find a place to lace up skates. Look for benches near the public beach. Make sure to always check on conditions or closures on Mirror Lake (www. NorthElba.org/Government/Park-District) and check for any posted warning signs. Don’t forget, in addition to Mirror Lake’s plowed ice track there is also the public beach ice rink that is available for pickup hockey games. Enjoy the ice!

Diane Chase is the author of the Adirondack Family guidebook series. For more family-friendly ideas go to AdirondackFamilyTime.com


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