Deer Pond Loop rolls along

The Deer Pond trail can be accessed by state Route 30, which is seen through the trees in this photograph. (Provided photo — Spencer Morrissey)

Deer Pond Loop is a trail for hiking, running, mountain biking and skiing. Yes, I know, it’s July and I said skiing. Leave that thought for later in the year. Maybe you will want to clip this out of the paper, and hang it on your fridge next to your 4-year-old’s finger painting, and I’m good with that.

You can find the trailhead just outside of Tupper Lake, north on state Route 30, 4 miles past the final traffic light.

From the trailhead, you will enjoy the mellow terrain under your feet; which makes for a bit of a nice warm-up to the day, no matter what mode of transportation you are using. It takes no time to reach the East trail intersection to another trailhead off Route 30 at 1.25 miles. From here it is full-bore into the rolling hills terrain that makes the trail more fun for multi-sport endeavors.

Soon, you will be at the brook crossing and moving rapidly downhill and when it’s wet, it can be a bit slippery. You will head back uphill immediately and confidently, and continue over the next half-dozen or so rolling hills before a long descent to Deer Pond.

There is a trail intersection at 2.9 miles where you can contemplate going to Lead Pond and back or not. However, I do recommend taking it for a short distance as there is a nice overlook of the pond located there.

Passing along Deer Pond, Little Deer Pond rests just off trail, a neat spot to check out but nothing more than a small unnamed dot pond located just up on a hillside.

Along the shore of Deer Pond is filled with rolling hills, some of which are a little more aggressive than others, making it again fun for skiing. One major climb will get you though; it is a bit more aggressive than all others.

You will reach Old Wawbeek Road after another moderate descent at 4.8 miles. This portion of the trail is quite mellow and more like a cool down period if you are running along this old road grade.

It’s easy to pick up the pace here, because as you can imagine running a road, even an old, closed one is not too terribly exciting or difficult.

The old road loops around the hills of the area and remains mellow as it passes through a lovely forest. Route 30 can often be heard at this point. The total distance for the loop is 7.3 miles.

Quickly you will be returned to the trailhead in fine form, and ready to do it all over again for another loop, right? OK, maybe head over to Donnelly’s for some soft serve.


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