Missing NJ man may be in Lake Placid, Keene area

LAKE PLACID — New information on the missing New Jersey man who may be in the area has emerged, putting Adam Ishak’s potential location in the Keene Valley and Lake Placid area, instead of Saranac Lake, as was initially reported.

Ishak, 20, of Rockaway Township in New Jersey, bought a bus ticket from New York City to Saranac Lake on Feb. 29. His bus was scheduled to arrive in Saranac Lake at around 2:25 p.m. on Feb. 29.

But according to Rockaway Township police, Ishak apparently got off the bus in Keene Valley at the corner of state Route 73 and Market Street and was believed to be going to the Lake Placid area.

If anyone has information on Ishak’s whereabouts, they can contact Rockaway Township Police at 973-625-4000 or email lperalta122@rktpd.org.

Saranac Lake Police Chief Darin Perrotte’s department initially took up the local search.

“If he doesn’t want to contact family, he can contact the police department,” Perrotte said. “We’re just looking for him to check in with someone so we know he’s OK.”

He said Ishak does not have any known ties to the Adirondacks. Perrotte said Ishak’s mother had not heard from him for several weeks and reported him missing.

“He has left a couple times in the past for two to three days at a time,” Perrotte said. “But never anything this long going without contact.”

He said Ishak’s phone has been off and authorities have not seen any bank activity on his accounts.

“They really are kind of at a loss,” Perrotte said, adding that Ishak’s mother said he packed some clothes but does not have luggage or backpacks she knew of. Ishak might be wearing a blue ski jacket. He is described as having green eyes and brown hair and being around 5 feet 8 inches tall.

A missing person bulletin from the Rockaway Township Police states Ishak does not drive or have an ID. It says he left a note saying he was going to the airport and not to worry. But Perrotte said police found he purchased a bus ticket instead. The RTP bulletin states his mother believes he may be on the autism spectrum, but is undiagnosed.


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