After ‘Creepy Carnival’ comes …

Committee to meet Tuesday, makes statement on parade

People packed Riverside Park Thursday evening to watch the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival slide show. (Enterprise photo — Aaron Marbone)

SARANAC LAKE — As the spirit of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival fades into the frosty air like an apparition in the shadows, planning for next year’s event is already worming its way into organizers’ brains, with a post-Carnival Committee wrap-up meeting scheduled on Tuesday.

Members of the community can now begin brainstorming theme suggestions for the 2025 Carnival, as the March 12 meeting will be the time to bring those to the committee and pitch them. Both meetings are scheduled for 5:30 p.m. at the Elk’s Lodge.

Several dozen people braved the cold and snow on Thursday night to watch the Winter Carnival slide show, assembled by official Carnival photographer Meachele Manchester in Riverside Park, cheering when they saw someone they recognized and screaming in fear when scary masks and costumes appeared on screen.

There will be two more showings of the Winter Carnival slide show, at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Saranac Village at Will Rogers. This slide show is the last official event of this year’s Carnival, a celebration of the 10 days of events and the smiles they brought.

The Winter Carnival Committee Executive Board has also issued a statement on the two entries in Saturday’s Gala Parade lineup that sparked outrage — a monster truck with its hood wrapped in the Confederate flag design and signs calling for a ceasefire in Gaza carried by musicians and dancers. These symbols led to division and fierce debate in town this week, as well as a confrontation between the musicians and dancers and a parade organizer on parade day.

People packed Riverside Park Thursday evening to watch the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival slide show. (Enterprise photo — Aaron Marbone)

Winter Carnival Committee Chair Rob Russell read a statement from the Executive Board, which was crafted during an emergency meeting on Thursday.

“Winter Carnival is and continues to be about the community of Saranac Lake,” he said. “Carnival is first and foremost for the the community and by the community and has been since its inception. The Winter Carnival Committee is an independent all-volunteer group, which is totally separate from the village of Saranac Lake and the surrounding towns in which our events take place. Winter Carnival is meant to be a magical celebration of Carnival spirit to be enjoyed safely by all. We have watched, we have listened and we have heard your concerns. We are currently addressing all areas of Winter Carnival at this time in preparation for the 2025 event.”

Russell said he could not answer other questions and only referred back to the statement the committee made.


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