Three artists to collaborate for ACW event

SARANAC LAKE — Three women will collaborate for a live event at the Adirondack Center for Writing in Saranac Lake on Thursday called “Replaying the Tape.”

At 7 p.m., New-York based composer Dr. Jane Boxall, paleontologist Dr. Frankie Dunn and poet Penny Boxall will conjure an imaginary menagerie of animals which might have existed had the dice-throw of evolution fallen differently. Jane Boxall will provide live percussion alongside Penny Boxall’s live poetry performance.

The performance will include field recordings from Dunn’s archaeological digs, tape manipulation of found sounds and excerpts from research.

On Wednesday at 7 p.m., ACW will host a generative poetry-writing workshop with Penny Boxall, author of three collections of poetry.

The workshop will begin with a talk by Dunn. Penny Boxall will then lead participants through writing exercises on the idea of chance, and how one can make sense of its power in poetry. Participants will create new work dictated by random events, serendipitous links and changing the rules. Participants should come ready to read, discuss and write.

For more information, visit adirondackcenterforwriting.org.


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