Franklin County Animal Response Team offers training for volunteers

MALONE — The Franklin County Animal Response Team, or CART, is currently offering livestock handling training for CART volunteers and first responders.

CART is a volunteer program that provides a coordinated local response to situations in which animals may need to be rescued, sheltered, transported, united or cared for. The team is integrated with the Franklin County Office of Emergency Services and state Department of Ag and Markets and has the involvement of local county agencies such as the Franklin County Department of Health, Cornell Cooperative Extension, along with local shelters and rescue organizations.

By having an organized, coordinated response in an emergency situation, CART is able to decrease the threat to the health and safety of humans and animals, minimize loss or separation of animals from their owners, prevent or decrease the spread of disease during an emergency affecting animals, and minimize the economic impact of emergencies that affect animals.

The training being offered by CART focuses on the handling of livestock species. As these animals can be larger and more difficult to handle than cats and dogs, specialized knowledge can help responders keep themselves and the animals safe. With these skills, these personnel can more safely respond to disasters involving these species, including barn fires, traffic accidents and flooding.

Companion animals and domesticated livestock are dependent on humans to care for them and are especially vulnerable during disasters, including fires, floods, storms, disease outbreaks, or any other situation that could cause animal suffering. If a disaster threatens people, it will often times impact animals as well. It has even been shown in past disaster situations that disasters can be made harder to manage because it is difficult to get people to evacuate when they are unable to evacuate their livestock species. This results in further risk to both animal owners and emergency responders.

The training will be held at Tucker’s Black Angus Ranch, 299 Hazen Road in North Lawrence on Oct. 3 from 5 to 7 p.m. Those interested in taking this training can RSVP via email to franklincartny@gmail.com.


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