Saranac Lake’s Dollar Tree temporarily closed

Building is without heat, but store can reopen in warmer weather

SARANAC LAKE — The Dollar Tree on Lake Flower Avenue is currently closed after the village of Saranac Lake condemned the portion of the plaza the store is in because of a broken heating unit. The business will be able to reopen depending on the weather, a spokesperson for the store said.

Village Code Enforcement Officer Chris McClatchie deemed the building “unfit for human occupancy” with the placement of a placard in the shop window on Friday. He said the store hasn’t had heat for the past few weeks.

He said on Sunday that people from the company came to look at the rooftop heating unit. It needs new parts, some of which won’t arrive until late May.

“When it gets warmer out we can open it up but can’t have people in there working and shopping without heat,” McClatchie said.

“It’s more of a safety precaution than anything else,” he added. “Unfortunately, with it being cold outside, you just can’t have people shopping in there or working in there.”

The store is heated by propane, so he also closed the building for fire safety reasons. There’s been too many fires recently, he said. A fitting on the propane heater broke, but there was no gas leak, McClatchie said.

The store was shut to the public for several weeks, he said, with employees working on things other than sales.

McClatchie said he has been in close contact with Dollar Tree’s head manager for New York and will be checking in with them periodically to keep up on if the store can reopen.

“Hopefully we’ll have them back up and running soon,” he said.

Dollar Tree Chief Communications Officer Kristin Tetreault told the Enterprise the heating unit parts are on order but “will take some time.”

The plaza is owned by Saranac Laker Paolo Magro, but Tetreault said it is the Dollar Tree’s responsibility as a tenant to fix the heater.

“Until it is warm enough in the store we will not be able to open,” Tetreault said.


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