Legal cannabis dispensary coming to Plattsburgh

PLATTSBURGH — North Country residents will soon be able to shop for their pot legally and locally.

On Wednesday morning, the NYS Cannabis Control Board (NYCCB) selected Plattsburgh-based dispensary, North Country Roots, Inc. (NC Roots), as a recipient of the state’s Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) license.

The approval of this license has now opened the door for approved dispensaries to safely and responsibly sell cannabis products to residents and visitors of the North Country region.

According to the NYCCB, there have only been 66 CAURD licenses issued in the state so far, with NC Roots and the Highest Peak LLC, another North Country-based dispensary, accounting for two of them.

“North Country Roots will be an example for cannabis retailers around the country and one that our region is proud to support,” NC Roots’ Chairman Doug Butdorf, said.

“We strongly support the OCM (Office of Cannabis Management) team and Governor Hochul’s approach to the cannabis industry. Cannabis is not a societal curse but a product that can be used safely and responsibly. NC Roots will provide many benefits to the local economy. Not just in the expected tax revenue but by providing desirable jobs for our North Country neighbors.”

North Country Roots does not yet have a physical location, because they were awaiting the state’s license approval, but Butdorf said the City of Plattsburgh will be the most “likely” location for their future storefront.

“We’re likely going to locate our initial dispensary operations in the City of Plattsburgh,” he said. “That’s our goal.”

“It could be in the Town of Plattsburgh, but we will be in the Plattsburgh area.”

City Mayor Chris Rosenquest’s administration has been actively supporting local entrepreneurs who qualify for licensure, while also partnering with local business and building owners to identify qualified retail storefronts.

“My administration has worked closely with the Office of Cannabis Management to understand the rules and to advocate for adult use licensing and restorative justice,” Rosenquest said.

“We’re happy to hear a local entrepreneur will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. These antiquated and often racist drug laws have negatively impacted generations of U.S. citizens. It’s good to see New York state leading the charge to correct these mistakes.”

An opening date for NC Roots is now expected for April 20, otherwise known as 4/20.

Butdorf said they will be dedicated to upholding the OCM’s mission of building a statewide cannabis market that promises social equity, responsible labor practices, locally distributed tax revenue and a wide variety of safe, high-quality cannabis products to customers.

When open, North Country Roots plans to offer an assortment of smokable cannabis flower, vape cartridges, concentrates and edible products grown and produced by licensed New York companies.

“Our business is going to be sanctioned,” Butdorf said.

“And we will be paying all the appropriate taxes, selling products that are grown only by licensed growers processed only by licensed processors in the State of New York.”

The dispensary will also work quickly within the OCM’s rules and regulations, which includes online ordering, in-store pick-up and shopping, drive-through pick-up and delivery to a wide area, such as much of the tri-county area, Butdorf said. “The details of that haven’t been completed, but we will be allowed to operate a delivery service,” he said.

“Our goal will be to service as much of the North Country that we can. So it’s likely that initially will be much of Essex, Clinton and Franklin County, including Saranac Lake, and Lake Placid and Malone.”

Butdorf said he foresees plenty of opportunities for employment at the dispensary.

“We anticipate being a significant and important employer in the North Country,” he said.

“We anticipate that we can hire as many as 50 people, part-time employees, and we’re allowed to hire up to 25 full-time employees for delivery purposes.”

North Country Roots now wants to hear from the community. Those interested can visit “http://NorthCountryRoots.com” rel=”noopener noreferrer” target=”_blank”>NorthCountryRoots.com and click on “Contact Us” to send them a message.


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