Lake Placid extends STR moratorium for residential zones

Village clarifies occupancy limits

LAKE PLACID — The village of Lake Placid’s moratorium on the issuance of new short-term vacation rental permits has been extended through Dec. 31, but only for residentially-zoned districts in the village.

The village’s STR moratorium for all zoning districts started in March, and it was set to end at the end of this month. The village Board of Trustees on Monday voted to extend the moratorium for residential areas — that includes areas zoned as town residential, village residential and South Lake residential districts in the village — through the end of the year as they continue to work through the process of drafting new STR regulations.

The village’s STR moratorium will lift on Sept. 30 for properties in the village center, gateway corridor and Old Military Road corridor. Village officials said they aren’t planning any major changes to STR regulations in those areas, and they feel the moratorium should be lifted there.

The village board held a public hearing for its partial STR moratorium extension on Monday, and no one from the public commented specifically on the extension.

The village released its first draft of proposed STR regulations earlier this month, which shows that village officials are considering discontinuing the issuance of new unhosted STR permits in residential areas. The village’s draft of STR regulations is available on the village website at tinyurl.com/4yn253tf.

90-day limit

A few people made comments during the village’s regular board meeting about the day limits imposed on hosted rentals in the village. Village officials said earlier this month that they’re proposing to keep day limits on hosted and unhosted rentals in the new STR law the same as in the current law — 90 days for both types of rentals. However, the village’s current STR law states that people with a hosted rental are exempt from the 90-day limitation. Village Trustee Jackie Kelly said village officials weren’t aware that this exemption existed in the law until last week.

Tom Rath, who said he has a hosted rental in town, asked the board to stick with the day limit exception for hosted STRs. Kelly said the village board plans to revisit discussions about day limits for hosted rentals once village Mayor Art Devlin returns from Italy, where he’s currently picking up the FISU World University Games flame to bring back to the U.S. Kelly said there’s a chance the village could consider exempting hosted rentals in the village’s residential areas from day limitations.


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