Jazz trio plans Saranac performance on Labor Day

SARANAC — An arrangement of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” is among the upcoming musical fare by the Paul Meyers’ World on a String Jazz Trio for Hill and Hollow Music’s Labor Day concert at Weatherwatch Farm.

The trio features the acclaimed jazz guitarist, bassist Leo Traversa and drummer Vanderlei Pereira.

“The idea behind that is I’m a jazz guitar player, but I also got very involved in Brazilian and Brazilian jazz when I was living in the New York City area for many years,” Meyers said.

“I play a fair amount of original tunes and arrangements of mine also. I have some standards like even a Beatles tune that I rearranged, but the idea is, what I am interested in is especially all the different rhythms. Of course jazz rhythms, but Brazil is very rich in its rhythmic style. There are many beautiful styles from Brazil that are really great when you take a tune like, for instance, Paul McCartney’s “Blackbird.’ I redo it, I do it in a rhythm called calango from Brazil.”

As Meyers delved deeper in the music, he discovered it’s not just bossa nova and samba.

“Which are great, and I play some of those, too,” he said.

“There is a wide variety and they all have their own feeling and kind of heartbeat, too. The idea of World on a String — of course, that is the name of a tune, a great jazz standard, that we do, too; I do have an arrangement for that — But the idea is to be open to rhythms from anywhere really.”

Meyers is not necessarily culling rhythms from all over the world.

“A few of the things are not exactly Brazilian or jazz,” he said.

“They are just kind of like well, these rhythms work for this music. There’s a tune called ‘River’ that I sort of jokingly call my Afro-Irish style tune. It has a little bit of both. That’s the idea behind the group.”


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