Franklin County lawmakers voice opposition to state gun legislation

MALONE — Franklin County lawmakers passed a resolution during their regular meeting at the courthouse in Malone Thursday voicing their opposition to recent enacted state laws regulating concealed carry gun permits.

The highly controversial law came in the wake of a Supreme Court decision striking down century-old state gun legislation. Specifically at issue for the board is how these new laws relate to concealed carry permit holders in the Adirondack Park. The 6-million-acre state park is unique in its size, as well as its mix of public and private ownership.

The resolution stated that “among the most onerous of its provisions,” the law makes it a felony for a concealed carry permit holder to bring a gun into any New York State Park, house of worship, or restaurant.

“The residents and property owners of the Adirondack Park live, work, and recreate on both public and private lands in the Adirondack Park,” the resolution stated. It added that residents deserve clarity in a law that lawmakers believe will create undue hardships and possible felony charges for the roughly 100,000 permit holders residing in the counties which make up the Adirondack Park.

“The Franklin County legislature is strongly against and requests the repeal of the new gun control legislation changes requiring both New York State citizens and various permit issuing agencies to navigate new regulations that are riddled with cumbersome, confusing, and redundant barriers of compliance,” the resolution, which was put forward by the entire board, reads.

“It’s something that they pushed through faster than they should have,” county chair Donald Dabiew, D-Bombay, said.

Paul Lauzon, D-Fort Covington, characterized the state legislation as “nothing more than a knee jerk.”

The board unanimously agreed that the legislation, which they see as vague, introduces the possibility of law-abiding gun owners in the county facing felony charges.

They demanded in the resolution that a provision relative to the prohibition of concealed carry permit holders becoming subject to a felony if they bring those weapons into New York State parks, houses of worship, and restaurants be repealed. They also called on other state municipalities, as well as organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Center for Law and Justice to “immediately challenge this law in court as it is most clearly unconstitutional.”

The resolution, unanimously adopted by board members, will be forwarded to the governor’s office, New York representatives, and the New York Association of Counties.


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